I really cant believe BBC misrepresented the video models in the UK last night. The program showed various video models trying to get a break in the industry but the program made out that the entire scene was a seedy, degrading, unprofessional and unprofitable industry full of cowboy directors who only shoot low budget videos and have no respect for the models. They also interviewed a few models who also seemed to talk about the scene from angle that gave a rather dim impression on video models. We know for fact they did an interview with model Nini Law who was on the set of one of the featured videos (model below in red) who spoke positively about her career and the industry and how she has come along way since starting but this got edited out of the show. Bare in mind there where many white girls too and only one was interviewed (tashie) I wonder why especially now they have the most of the roles in UK urban videos.

There are so many models who work hard and have achieved much from the industry which the program didn’t show. Which is an injustice to the many professional video models out there. But for those starting up and are worried how to start up here are a few tips.

Nini Law


There are two different types of girls that come to set on the free video shoots, the groupies that are friend or fans of the music artist and just want to be in the video. Then the other, are models who have ambition and are trying to get experience in modelling, so they do the video for free.



Advise for Models:
1. If your thinking of working with anyone please do your research, most professional directors, photographers have a website or a outlet where you can see their portfolio or show real and you always have google to find out more about them. Always get a number, and ring it to find out what will happen on the day and if it sounds suspect, do not go. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY.

2. Get experience in shoots, videos, runway and films. You can go join Spotlight which is a reliable agency to get jobs. Once your experienced you need to demand for paid work, if you don’t then you will not make money and you wont earn the respect of the people who hire you and you wont think your valuable!

3. Be professional, as a model you will have a lot of sex appeal to men, so you will always have guys trying to get your number and try to bed you. But its your responsibility to maintain your reputation an professionalism when it happens.


4. Watch how other professional models do it in the videos, you can see they ooze confidence and sex appeal and they are not scared of the camera. For example eye contact to the camera and artist. Wear and dance to accentuate your best assets whether its your legs, eyes, breast, bum, belly etc… watch out how the lead girl stands out from the rest. That’s why she is the lead!

5. Keep your standards high for looking after your self!! As internationally all professional models make sure that their hair, make-up, body and attitude are to a high level, as its there job to look good. So that will involve eating right doing exercise learn how to do some type of make-up and make sure your hair is clean and looking good.

Chenade Laroy

I hope you guys like this post and enjoyed the photos, I believe these pictures show that glamour models can look sexy and it can be tasteful with out degrading themselves and can look as good as any international model, also I hope by us showing and telling you this information that it gives you a better insight to the industry.

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