Choose A Bold Red Lipstick For Your Skin Tone, Classy Not Trashy!

Choose A Bold Red Lipstick For Your Skin Tone, Classy Not Trashy!

Red lipstick is a make-up statement, and isn’t hard to pull off if you know which colour looks good with your skin tone and keeps you looking classy not trashy.
So here is a bit of advise and things you should take into consideration to be able to pull the red lipstick off

These are the must have to be able to wear Red Lipstick

Must be open minded
Confidence! is key in anything you do in life you must have confidence and if you have confidence you can rock anything. Know the right shade for you
The picture below are a few examples of different kinds of red lipsticks you can get…

If you are too worried about initially wearing Red lipstick to a party or a big event you can still wear red by using a different shade. All Skin tones can wear red you just have to find the right shade that compliments. A great way to try red lipstick before even buying is going to a make up shop or outlet like Selfridges who have various make up counters like MAC, Benefit, Bobby Brown etc… Then get a make up artist to test different shades of red on you. If you are worried about the prices of red lipstick do not worry they come in affordable prices and you can great lipstick without breaking the bank.


Here are a few examples of different types of Red lipstick on different tones of skin.

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