Peeks In Scotland: How To Get Natural Silky Straight Longer Hair No Relaxer!!!

Peeks In Scotland: How To Get Natural Silky Straight Longer Hair No Relaxer!!!

Hi guys, last time I was in Scotland visiting my family we got a lil sneek of my sister Emma’s ultra looooong sleek hair! but the camera cut off before I got a chance to give you ladies the scoop nooo. Well this time she is showing us her secret to achieving silky straight long natural hair without relaxer.

The results speak for themselves, super shiny straight movable hair. This is also the reason I’m giving up relaxer, who needs it when you can get these amazing results. Check her technique and you’ll be ditching your relaxer in no time ladies!! Best of both worlds ;]

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    @MsSaramak my curls are tighter than emma’s but ive never had natural hair that long so im unsure how it will be longer, how far r u´╗┐ into transitioning? & thanks hun xx

  2. Starburst0718

    Thanks for´╗┐ sharing! I’m terrible at blow drying my always turns into a big mess, so I just let it dry naturally and then straighten it. I’m gonna give the blow dryer another try though. Fingers crossed it turns out right! Lol

  3. afrikahchick

    Wow!! Your sister’s hair is so gorgeous. I’m transitioning to natural hair too. My last relaxer was feb 5th 2011. My goal is to cut off the relaxer ends July 1st. No reason´╗┐ for the date. Lol. There is no point in having a relaxer.

  4. MsSaramak

    Does your hair also look like this naturally? I am asking because it seems like you and I have quite similar hair texture (I am also transitioning) after´╗┐ looking at your previous vids, and mine is nothing like that. Great tips by the way! :)

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