First Things Guys Notice About Girls Make-Up When They First Meet You

First Things Guys Notice About Girls Make-Up When They First Meet You

Most guys always say they like the natural look when it comes to make up, even though most of us know that’s really not true most of the time. So what do guys really think about your make up and what is it they do notice? Check out below.

Your Lips
Guys notice this because they want to check out if you’ve good pair of soft lips to kiss at the end of the date. So if you are considering to kiss your date then make sure you have a natural colour lipstick and not to much gloss because at the end of the date kiss, you don’t want it all over your face.

Eye Make-up
Guys do prefer the natural look, but us ladies like to get a bit more playful at times. If you’re going toย spice it up, perhaps do the smokey look– do black liner then top it off with a charcoal grey smudge and blend. This look has the effect to make the eyes seem bigger and defines your shape, which men find more appealing.

Eye lashes
There’s nothing sexier than big full eyelashes, but men are not a fan of artificial add on’s! so if your thinking of doing falsies, practice before the date.

Right amount of makeup
As we said before men love natural beautiful women, so it’s really important to look after your skin, so on your date you don’t have to cake on your makeup. We would suggest a little bit of mascara, some eyeliner, blush and gloss. This type of natural makeup will bring out your true beauty and will probably be better for your skin and the way he views you in the long run, he wants to know what he’s getting under all that mac and sleek palette ;p

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