Bring On The Neon! 2012 Colours For The Daring Fashion Sistas!

Bring On The Neon! 2012 Colours For The Daring Fashion Sistas!

We’ve got our money on neons! Set the colour wheel on fire and cosy up to bright shades of pink, green, yellow, blue, and orange. And since these fluorescent hues work best in small doses we’ve collected accessories for you’re viewing pleasure, but also tossed in a couple clothing items for the daredevils in the bunch. Where are my lovers of colour, at? This one’s for you…

Refuge Skin Tight Denim Legging, Charlotte Russe
Are you down with jeggings? If not, this neon blue pair might help change your mind. They’ll look great paired with a loose top. Stick to the blue family and wear a short sleeve navy and white striped tee. Toss on your favourite neutral booties or flats an you’re good to go! LOVE it!

Asymmetric Peep Toe, Zara
This is a pretty pump if we ever saw one. This shade of neon fuchsia is electric and the peep toe is right on trend and weather appropriate.

Light Weave Scarf, Topshop
Neon green is not as scary as you think, just take a look at this scarf. A light weight scarf can take the place of a necklace when it packs a stylish punch like this

Pack of 3 Neon Love Rings, ASOS
Right in time for Valentine’s Day, get in the spirit with this trio of stackable rings. Holding your hand out for a kiss or backhanding a deserving party across the face? At least you can do both with love. Just kidding about the physical violence! Our legal team made me write that. These rings are a fun way to play with colour without a huge commitment. Pile on the neon!

Mixed Knit Spring Sweater, Tobi
Say hello, to day-glo! This neon sweater is the prettiest shade of coral. The relaxed fit and horizontal knit pattern keeps the top fresh. It makes a statement, but is still understated enough that it won’t cause people to stare…for too long.

Rebecca Minkoff ‘Mini MAC’ Croc Embossed Clutch, Nordstrom
When crocodile print and lime green combine you know you’ve got something special. Rebecca Minkoff does it again with this bright cross-body bag. Let it be your pop of colour to your outfit. You can rock it as is, double up the straps or remove them all-together to use it as a funky clutch. Either way, this one is sure to get you compliments.

La Mer Neon Wrap Watch, Urban Outfitter’s
You’ll have no excuse to be late again because this bright watch will force you to keep an eye on the time. The long pink band also plays down the seriousness of the piece, morphing it into a pretty piece of jewelry. Gold accents and Roman numerals give it that cool vintage feel and this one will punch up any outfit. Worn alone or in conjunction with other arm candy, this timepiece sure is fly!

Ali Ro Sleeveless Grecian Dress, Neiman Marcus
The little pink dress. Let this neon number drape over your body camouflaging any areas that you want hidden while still showing off your feminine shape. Rock with black booties, like in the photo or kick it up a notch and try a bright pair of heels. Your next work event or V-day date now has the perfect outfit!

Sound off! Which neon piece would you wear? Or, do you refuse to stray from the safe comfort of neutrals?

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