3 Sex Tips: He Wants To Watch!!!!

3 Sex Tips: He Wants To Watch!!!!

Well now ladies, this is no time to be a shrinking violet! When your with your man, he doesn’t want you to hold back, you heard the RnB songs. Nothing drives him more crazy than see you drop all those silly inhibitions…yes ladies we all have em and instead drop it like its hot! Its time to put that clutter aside and give your man a show he wont forget (phew, I’m getting excited just writing ;p)

1.Men are highly visual so give him a show, during sex, if you have a mirror handy, led him over to the mirror so you can see yourselves in full glory, make sure he sees how turned on and passionate you are about watching yourselves. A great way of seeing the action without having to worry about a sex tape leak, trust me!!!

2. Another hot suggestion which I personally love, keep some clothes on. Sometimes men prefer when you leave a little to the imagination. Just a sexy bra, open shirt, shoes, what ever takes your fancy, this is just as sexy as being nude, because it builds anticipation.


3.Last but not least for the daring divas, pleasure yourself while he lays back and watches. Please make sure you only do this if your comfortable as he will see it on your face if you have embarrassment and that will ruin the whole darn thang. Just get in your sexy groove, heck he finds you sexy. This is also a great way for him to see how you like to be touched (he will be making mental notes ;p) so don’t hold back.

Give it a try with your man and see what results you get. Any other hot tips drop em below you saucy gal x

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