Solange Knowles Style Box Braids Top 5 Products To Keep Yours Beautiful

Solange Knowles Style Box Braids Top 5 Products To Keep Yours Beautiful

I’m seriously lovin box braids, I always had a soft spot since Janet Jackson rocked em in Poetic Justice! If you have braids and are lovin how Solange Knowles has been looking with hers lately, here are some products to keep your braids lookin fab and fresh

1. Dr. Miracle’s Braid Relief Spray. Love braids, hate those itchy moments. Even when the braids are done as loose as possible, there’s still some discomfort. For relief grab a spray like Dr. Miracle’s Braid Relief Spray to sooth scalp and add a little sheen to your ‘do. Need more? Try the Super Strength version.

2. Carol’s Daughter Rosemary Mint Clarifying Sulphate Free Clarifying Shampoo. Not having direct access to your scalp can cause unsightly product build-up. Clear it away and start fresh with this sulphate free clarifying shampoo. It contains rosemary extract to purify, peppermint oil to energize the scalp, and marine extract to moisturise.

3. Organic Root Stimulator Anti-Itch Scalp Oil. Keep your braids and scalp a well-oiled machine with this moisturising oil with a nozzle tip that makes application a piece of cake. It contains soybean to moisturise, aloe vera to soothe, and almond oil to soften.

4. Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Edge Control. Flyaways and unkempt edges can make your braids look old fast. Keep them in check with a small dollop of Edge Control—it’s non-sticky and won’t harden your hair.

5. Silk Headband. When you’re in between salon visits but still want to look fashionable, slip on a colourful silk headband like this stylish animal print design from Jemima Jackman. Silk is a breathable fabric so moisture from your hair won’t be under attack.

Are you thinking of getting braids? If you have braids what are your fave products? please share below x

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