They Called Me Ugly Because Of Dark Black Skin, So I Bleached To Be Beautiful

They Called Me Ugly Because Of Dark Black Skin, So I Bleached To Be Beautiful

Growing up in Scotland with my family, we suffered a lot of racism and were teased often about our skin and afro hair. It does make you feel ashamed,and many times I felt like we stood out like a beacon being the only black family round and in school. But despite the racism I never wished to be white ironically, I did however wish I had long flowing hair but that’s another blog honey!

Anyhoo, most people would say I am “lucky” to be light skinned, but when you suffer racial hatred and humiliating comments about being black, ugly n words and so on, it doesn’t matter what shade you are, the insults still cut just as deep and cause you to question who you are. Being a female especially can be even tougher as beauty is one thing that is important to us, and we pride ourselves in this. Fortunately I was never driven to bleach my skin, but many do.

Skin bleaching in my opinion is a sticky road to go down , with many draw backs and health issues which will be covered in another blog. Here’s how one lady named Wande bleached her skin but eventually overcame the insults of being called ugly even family members supported bleaching her “beautiful” black God given skin.

What do you think of her story, have you been tempted to bleach?

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  1. hadas

    I think dark skinned people are absolutely beautiful. Stay confident in yourself and do not let others tell you who you are and who you are not. Health is more important! :)

  2. Lee

    No matter how much you bleach you will always be that ugly girl you ran from! You may have fake lightskin but your kids will have your dark skin ugly genes!

    1. somebody

      How could you be so mean to another human being? Usually, those who put others down are having issues with themselves. Seek help.

  3. Kim

    WOW, this is a great issue. It so interesting how much we really are unhappy with ourselves. Being darker skinned is viewed as such a negative, especially in the states I think. Here the preference is for lighter skin black women, with straight hair, and green eyes. They fit the European standard of beauty. I really have a LOT of opinions on this topic, but I will try to keep it simple, lol. I think this deep rooted self hatred stems back to slavery. The lighter skinned slaves were favored over the darker ones.

    1. Post author

      sum great points hun, & yeah slavery had a lot to do with many issues & inner conflict we as women and men still feel. Its a horrible reality but step by step we hav to reeducate & re love ourselves with all our beautiful skin tones & hair textures etc many thanks hun x

  4. Rosie B.

    I have actually been through a same phase in my life, except I wanted to be darker, I grew up with friends who had a bit more self-esteem than I did at the time and I happened to be the only light skinned girl. I was teased for being too light. So at every opportunity I had I would tan, I would sit under the sun for the whole day, to resemble these friends I used to follow. I think there is always a desire to be the opposite, it’s important to acknowledge our beauty and out traits, it’s how God made us. Beautiful Story! Thanks for bringing this issue up!!!! xx

    1. Post author

      it just goes to show were never satisfied, we always want wot the majority has! lol im s glad wot u said we gotta learn to luv wot god created us to be, nor wot shade people think is “acceptable”. its also sad that bullying also comes from our own people, we really need to fix that, if we can be who we are with them, then where can we be?? b bless sis & thanx for sharing x

  5. Jabrieya

    I have plenty of times, I even asked my mom to buy me bleaching cream. Everyone in my family is light skin and I am the only dark one. Including when I am with my friends, guys always go after the light skin ones. No matter where my light skin friends go guys always hit on them and look at me as if i’m just ugly because I am darker than them.

    1. Post author

      hey jabrieya, wot a cute name! so sorry to hear ur story hun, but please dont feel down, remember there r plenty guys out there who will love u & ur skin. its not just skin u also have to have a beautiful personality, qualities and things to offer a man in the long run. yes it may be more competitive between u & ur girls and u may hav to do a lil more to stand out unfortunately thats just how it is sumtimes. but trust wen i say if u hav a lil mystery & ur confident with who u are & r secure men are super attracted to this over initial looks or light skin!.

      make the most of ur assets, wear clothes that compliment ur beautiful skin colour, dont hide urself!!! & dont let a man be the be all of it. I woz the same, i grew up surrounded by a lot of racism & never really had a boyfriend, then i started to come into my own & find confidence, the more i seemed not to care the more they seemed to care lol. Just b friends, take ur time, wen guys feel comfortable to chat they get to c the real u & thats wen ur likely to hav men luk at u different, just make sure ur ready when it happens.

      Embrace urself & find ur confidence thats wen people see real beauty ok missy ;] god bless x

  6. sammy

    I’ve been tempted to bleach my armpits – they’re dark because after bathing my I’d apply deodorant without creaming. lol My back is also dark and the rest of my body is light. I feel insecure about it. I think that if people see that they might think i’ve bleached, but my skin is just uneven.

    Anyway I haven’t bleached my skin. I have extended family members who do and it does look appealing because currently their skin looks even, but everyone knows that they’ve bleached and they’re proud. If people knew I’d bleached I would be embarrassed.

    tip: before applying deodorant, cream your underarms first to avoid them darkening and looking grey.

  7. Chloe

    Wande, so wonderfully put! You raised your points really well. I reckon you’re an inspiration for all the girls out there who are unsure of themselves and lacking in self appreciation because of the shade of their skin… Thank you.

      1. Serge Vitry

        Matter of fact my armpits are pretty dark too.. It’s Lynx Africa that causes it.. Some serious issues here! Kmt.. Seriously, shade only makes a difference in your mind people and is not from White it’s from Egyptology as kings and queens were always depicted as lighter and the slaves as black. Also demons were always depicted as black or dark with red eyes.. This is not White it’s not black but Ancient drawings and depictions of demonic beings and incarnations. Don’t hate your skin shade but the heart behind it! The world has evolved but colour is now just as it should be.. A shade, it’s more about image as opposed to skin although it does bare some significance. Holla

    1. Post author

      im sure if deffo will, thats what this site is all about hun, so thank you for sharing your story which i know its one of the things people dont admit or talk so openly about xx keep up the great work xx

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