If these lies about men weren’t circulating everywhere we turn, we wouldn’t pass up on great guys and giving the bad ones a chance daily.

1. Too busy to call
I don’t care how busy a guy is. Everyone goes to the bathroom. Send a text from there. So much conversation between girlfriends is about waiting for a guy to call or text, that we’ve become conditioned to think that’s a normal part of being with someone. Once you meet someone who’s crazy about you, you learn that, if they like you, they find the time to call or text. They are always, in the back of their mind, thinking about when the next time is they’ll be able to text. And they find that time.

2. If he doesn’t finish, it’s a problem
The problem most women are familiar with when it comes to the bedroom is a man finishing too soon. It’s supposed to be difficult for them to hold it in, not to let it out! So, if a man isn’t orgasming, we instantly believe there is something wrong with us. We aren’t good in bed. He is losing interest. He is cheating…But, for some men, when they are stressed, their sexual performance is the first thing to go. They are too in their heads to indulge in their animal instincts. Don’t jump to thinking something is wrong with you!

3. They can’t handle your emotions
Many women feel they need to hide their emotions from their men. That, when they feel they are going to become irrational or emotional about something, they should separate from their guy and return once they’ve cried or broken down alone, and can talk about it rationally. But, this can actually make men feel you don’t trust them, don’t think they can help you, and it can make them feel distant from you. You’re a female, he wants you to be one.

4. No one is treated like a queen
We’ve gotten too used to giving a guy a gold metal for bringing us flowers once in a blue moon. When you meet a guy who treats you like a queen and is just naturally always thinking of nice things to do for you, you’ll realize all the other guys were just lazy and were banking on the fact that most women have learned not to expect that type of treatment.

5. If he’s nice, he’s desperate
We’re so used to games that, if a guy is actually considerate, calls when he says he will, make plans with us ahead of time, we think he is desperate. We are closed off to the idea that maybe he just sees something special in us, and doesn’t do these things for any girl. Chill out gurl ;]

6. He doesn’t want to talk about it
Do you fear that if you put your arm around your man and ask sweetly, “What’s the matter?” when it seems something is weighing heavy on him, that he will feel belittled or smothered? Nuh uh. Actually, often a girlfriend is the only person a guy is talking to about things that are really troubling him. When he’s around his friends, he tries to remain calm and “fun.” He’ll probably be happy for a listening ear.

7. Sex on the first date is bad
Sometimes, a connection is just there. If you’ve had an awesome, long date, shared a lot, and clearly have personalities that connect…oh yeah, and you can’t keep your hands off each other…sleeping with each other might not change a thing. It might just make you want one another even more. But, go with your gut. If you feel he’s a good guy and not just trying to get laid, go for it. If you have any doubts, then hold off. Also you may have been friends or know each other for a while before and this is your first date so technically you have some history already. Again please use your own judgement and a condom ;]


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