12 Short But Juicy Sex Tips You Must Try!!!

12 Short But Juicy Sex Tips You Must Try!!!

No long ting, lets just get down to the goods ;p We dont always need a lengthy article just an at a glance idea to get the juices going, woohoo. Try these 12 sex gems, maybe not all at once, but its up to you lol

1. Go Deep
The best sex positions for the deepest penetration vary from couple to couple based on both individuals’ body types. Experiment with different sex positions until you find the one that allows you to have the deepest possible penetration!

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Scream!
Unless you’re going to get kicked out of your place, don’t be afraid to let a guttural moan or scream out every now and then. The animalistic sound is incredible!

3.Look Mum, No Hands!
Give your partner oral sex with your hands held (or tied) behind your back. The feeling of only your mouth will drive them absolutely insane!

4. Give Your Partner Only Oral Sex, All Night Long
Forget about yourself for a night, and give your lover hours and hours of oral sex. Make the night all about THEM. Can’t stand the torture? Masturbate yourself while you go down on them. They’ll love it!

5. Never Underestimate The Power Of The Wet T-Shirt
Don a white t-shirt and undies, and step in the shower. If you’d rather not get the house soaked, make sure he’s in the shower when you get in.

6. Try Sixty-Nine
If you’ve never had simultaneous oral sex before, now is the time to try. Once you get going and get lost in the moment, it will be hard to tell who stops and starts where and who is doing what!

7. Talk Dirty
If you don’t already do this, start. It makes a huge difference in how hot and naughty your sex life feels.

8. Don’t Neglect Your Nipples
Either have your partner pinch, lick and suck on them or do it yourself. This works especially well if you’re on the edge but just can’t seem to tip over.

9. If You’ve Never Had An Orgasm
Masturbate. Enough said.


10. Act Out Your Fantasies
There are lots of ways to act out your fantasies, even if you can’t go all out. Get a few inexpensive props and let your imagination run WILD!

11. If You Have Trouble Reaching Orgasm
Masturbate before sex first, but don’t let yourself reach climax. Then, when you and your partner start getting it on, you’ll zoom to the peak in no time.

12. Do The Opposite Of What You Usually Do
Most people start having sex slowly, and work up to a faster and faster pace. Mix things up by turning it around so you’re starting out super fast and slowing down as you get closer and closer to orgasm. This will drive you both absolutely crazy!

Which was your fave tip?

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  1. Noslhe

    I think people should wait until marriage. Should you do these things in marriage? The bible says the marriage bed is holy, so I guess it’s okay. I want to wait until I get married. I have seen all of my aunts and uncles (and I have 13 of them) destroy their lives due to fornication. Most of my aunts and uncles now are in their 50s and 60s and unmarried and unhappy. Their sinful youthoods have effected their children and now their children are repeating the cycle. Trust the Lord when he says one should wait. Then when you get married, you will truly be able to enjoy these things. But if you do it unmarried, it’s just lust, there’s no love.

    1. Post author

      i think your right to wait till marriage and i know many people feel this way and wished they would have waited including myself knowing what i know today, and this is the way the most high wants it. It is also very important to have an understanding on sex because it is a huge part on having a successful marriage and should not be underestimated for both people. I assume thats why you came to the post, there’s nothing wrong with having knowledge for when your time comes. also a large number of women on this site have husbands and i always state your man, not just anybody. I hope the most high will bless u and well done on waiting xx

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