Tulisa Confirms Sex Tape Was Her & Ex Boyfriend MC Ultra Who Betray Her!

Tulisa Confirms Sex Tape  Was Her & Ex Boyfriend MC Ultra Who Betray Her!

Weeeell now, I have to give much respect to Tulisa for doing this intimate video about her unfortunate sex tape that is blowing up the internet. She has never been one to hold back and speaks her mind even though it was first claimed the tape was a fake!

She handled the response with class and I’m sure she’s won many female fans and others who may have judged wrongly (as I’m sure they’ve been in compromising situations themselves) But ladies, you gotta be very careful in these situations when video recorders or photos are being used and who you share your most intimate freak sessions with. If it does happen to you and you have been betrayed, then take a leaf from Tulisa on how to handle the situation with dignity and move on. Good for her.

Check out her statement and drop your thoughts below x

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  1. monzie

    love her so honest real and lets not forget she is human!! i mean wow you had sex and filmed it in your past shot me! people have sex so what, even if it was filmed!

    she gets my respect for this footage forget the sex footage, but the video above gets my respect! Tulisa your human and humans make mistakes so what!! with out sex you wouldnt be hear and i love n-dubz music so thank you for that!!

    life goes on….

    1. Post author

      thanx for ur comment monzie, it cudnt hav been easy especially in her position but more props to her for handling the response x

  2. Smita

    I rate T for being so honest and giving her opinion. She has come across better, she looks very distraught! Lesson to all the girls, don’t trust any man! Like T said, this won’t be happening to her again….

    1. Post author

      i think she’ll hav to think twice in her position, i wudnt say trust no man at all coz there r people who can act responsible, buuut wen it cumes to filming & pics well b ultra carefull & use ur wise judgement!

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