Stop Your Afro/Relaxed/Weave Hair From Frustrating Frizz This Summer 12 Fab Ideas

Stop Your Afro/Relaxed/Weave Hair From Frustrating Frizz This Summer 12 Fab Ideas

Its a time we love and dread, but can we afro or relaxed ladies enjoy the summer heat, workouts at the gym or hitting the pool and still look hair fab?? *WINNING* here’s how we can have it all, give these ideas a wee try gurls

Using heat-styling products in the summer often will do no good unless you use them frequently, and that is not healthy for your hair. Several styles you can wear in the summer, however, are low maintenance, low heat and will not be ruined by humidity

1. Braided Styles
Braided styles are extremely low maintenance and perfect for the summer. Individual braids with extensions need to be redone only about every three months, so you can keep the hairstyle for the entire summer. These include micro mini braids, Senegalese twists and two-strand twists. Cornrows, another option, must be redone more frequently. Braids lend themselves to other styles, such as updos. Best of all, they protect your hair and you won’t have to worry about humidity.

2. Braid Outs and Twist Outs
Braid- outs and twist-outs are an offshoot of braided styles: cornrowing or twisting your hair–your hair only, without extensions–and leaving them in for several days will result in a cute, curly hair style once you take them out. If you do it via braiding, your hair will be in waves or crimps. If you do it via twisting, your hair will be more curly. These messy looks can be put in any style and are appropriate for all settings.

3. Curls
Hairstyles such as straw curls–instead of wrapping your hair around a roller, you wrap it around a straw–are perfect for the summer, because no matter how much they frizz, it will just add to the hairstyle. The curls come out like small spirals, which you can split to create a fuller look. Roller and straw sets normally last for two weeks, and the longer you keep them, the better they start to look.

4. Updos
Updos look cute, and they keep your hair off your neck so you won’t have to worry about sweating. Updos can be created with various hair pins, and it’s best to experiment to see what types look best for you. Popular updos include chignons and French rolls. To avoid frizzy edges, tie a brightly colored fashion scarf around the front of your hair. It will add to your look and help keep your hair presentable.

5. Natural styles
If your hair is natural, you can always wear it in its natural state, in an Afro, natural curls or a short cut. You will only have to use minimal heat styling, if any, and your hair won’t frizz. The style, determined by your hair type and curl pattern, is the easiest way to wear your hair during the hot and humid summer months.

6. If you work out a lot or wear a weave that causes your head to sweat or sweat a lot generally because it is summer, take note not to use products with alcohol in them. Sweat is acidic, and when combined with alcohol in hair products will cause your hair to break. Ethanol, SD alcohol, SD alcohol 40, Alcohol Denat, Propanol, Propyl alcohol, propylene glycol and Isopropyl alcohol.

7. When doing exercise, tie up your hair loosely away from your face and do not cover it in a bandana, so that it has room to breathe. Use a sweat band to absorb the sweat and remove the salt but don’t cover hair. If you cover it, it will still get wet anyway.Deep condition your hair weekly to add moisture back into the hair.

8. Weaves often cause sweaty heads on hot days, make sure hair is dry before sleeping, because if you don’t hair will smell. Dry hair using a diffuser set on cool air as hot hair dryer will dry out your hair. Then spray moisturising lotion onto your scalp.

9. Don’t use a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, use a separate shampoo and conditioner, 2 in 1’s aren’t suited African hair as it is naturally dry.

10. After working out, be sure to dry your hair. If your hair feels dry and itchy, use hair oil, moisturising lotion or serum and massage your scalp.

11. If you’re a person who is scared of sweat altogether, try to do workouts that will keep sweating to a minimum. Yoga and pilates are great workouts that focus on flexibility, strength and posture and are less likely to frizz your hair. Weight training is also a good alternative to cardio exercises. It’s a great way to gain muscle, which also burns fat.

12. Rinse your hair in tap water before and after getting in the swimming pool. Hair that is already wet cannot absorb the chemical laden water so this will lessen the effect of the chlorine on your hair. Rinse your hair again immediately after getting out of the pool to remove any chemicals that may be in your hair. Put conditioner in your hair before putting on your swimming cap. This will create an extra protective barrier from any chlorine water that may get under your swimming cap.

Hope this helps, any tips you have found to work, don’t keep it to yourself please share the love below in a comment ;p

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