12 Black Women’s Hair Do’s & Dont’s According To Our Men!!!

12 Black Women’s Hair Do’s & Dont’s According To Our Men!!!

Well now this should be a pretty interesting read!! Black women spend countless hours at the hairdressers while spending millions of dollars on hair products—and hair. The theory is that we do it for ourselves; we boost our self esteem when we feel and look good. However, when we’re honest, we acknowledge that we consider how the guys will react to us after we are fried, dyed and laid (or twisted) to the side. So, we asked a few fellas from Facebook to share with us what they really liked—and loathed—about our hair. Hope your ready!

DON’T go Kool-Aid crazy with your color job. Nicki Minaj and her cakes can pull off rainbow colored hair but if you are considering a new hue for your strands, please limit your hair to realistic shades that can actually grow from your human scalp—and everywhere else on you body.

Speaking of scalp….
DON‘T sacrifice your follicles to wear a weave. If your hairline starts behind your ear, spending hundreds of dollars on hair to put on top of a balding scalp does not make any sense. Regardless of how fine you think you are, you are not fine enough get away with not having any edges to go with that $300/ounce Indian Remy.

Do sport an occasional weave for a special event or a quick change of style as long as it looks natural

Do wash your hair/weave/afro etc stank hair is never cute when cuddling!

DON’T wear an obvious wig, especially one that isn’t even stylish. It looks fake even if the box says that it comes with a ’natural’ hairline and ’baby’ hair. What baby hair? You are not fooling anyone with that wavy wreck of a wig.

DO rock a short cut to highlight cute features and a pretty face.

DO remember that long hair is an average girl’s friend! Seriously, the fellas said this!

DON’T be afraid to step out against societal norms and stand proud with your natural hair.

DO keep it simple. There is something hot about a woman that can pull it together in a few minutes and still look better than most women that spend hours at the salon.

DON’T restrict your curls. The bigger the better! The fellas like a little (or a lot) to touch.

Do wear a crown of locs as long as they are not of the Whoopi Goldberg variety.

DO disregard all the previous advice if your body is bangin’ and your ’stuff’ is good. In that case, odds are no one is even looking at your hair and you might as well not have any!

So what do you think ladies, too harsh or too true? drop it like its hot below ;p

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  1. Kendra

    I do think this article is great, honest and to the point. My boyfriend met me with long relaxed hair, then we broke up for awhile and when we got back together I was transitioning. It took some slight adjusting on his part, but he completely embraced my natural hair and loves my natural texture. He would often ask me why did I decided to go natural (due to my undoubted frustration some days with my hair), but once I explained why, he understood and has supported me since.

    At the end of the day, “I” decided to go natural and am proud of my decision. If a man decides to judge you based on your hair then that is NOT someone worth investing in anyways. In the infamous words of India Arie “I am not my hair.”

    Love your site btw :)

    1. Post author

      im so happy to hear your story, thanks so much for sharing, im sure it will be a great encouragement for many to see it can be done and have your man support you. well done sis and please continue to enjoy the site mwah may god bless u x

  2. Gladys

    soo true!!!
    on the flip side it can be hard to get ready in a few minutes with some hair textures, which is why some people opt for weaves and wigs. i personally don’t wear weaves or wigs but my hair gives me hell sometimes,,,i have always been natural btw

  3. Tylor

    Everything is so true here…but is that girl with the blonde wearing a weave? I love it!!!! please tell me

  4. RandomBohemianGirl

    You nailed it!!!!Every part of this is so true and its just to the point!It made me decide on what to finally do to my hair-thanx.I loved reading it.

  5. TEE-JAY

    I have recently realized that I don’t care what “our” men think of what we do to our hair, the amount of make-up that a woman wears or does not choose to wear or the type of clothing that a woman chooses to wear. I am sad to say that I have stood in front of a mirror in the past and adjusted my look based on what others (including men) might think. I no longer care. I am currently growing the chemical relaxer out of my hair and I am also wearing a very natural looking afro hairpiece in the process. We need to learn to respect one another and stop speaking negatively about our looks. We are beautiful and have been conditioned to think otherwise. So sad…

    1. Post author

      sorry u went threw so much hun & i do understand as ive been there too, beauty is a huge part of every woman’s security & insecurity. hair is also a major thing for us black women lets not get it twisted lol. I don’t see the harm in finding out what men like & yes there is more to a relationship than hair & looks. every aspect of our lives should be shared if we are going to have a life partner & share a successful & happy open relationship, so i hope that you will feel like u do care about wot ur man duz think & the same goes for how he respects & treats you, we hav to giv men more credit as a lot of them r also trying to find out wot we like. Im sure if u had a son u luved had a girlfriend & she openly said she duznt care wot ur son thought, she’s gonna do “her” to heck with his opinion, would u b happy for ur son to b in that relationship??

      Its a partnership & journey together, with knowledge comes understanding and this is one part of many, so i hope u will read & enjoy the many other articles on my site to do with self love, relationships, career & much more as it takes many parts 2 make 1 successful whole . may god bless u sis xx

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