12 Month Natural Hair Transition Journey Update Woohoo!

12 Month Natural Hair Transition Journey Update Woohoo!

Wooooooop! I did it, I can’t believe 12 months has gone by now since I first decided (clcik to see my first video) to go back to my God given natural hair. As you know I didn’t do a big chop, but here’s how I found my transitioning journey so far, if your considering growing your natural hair this story may help you with points to consider and how much growth you can get after 12 months.

Some products I show in the video I had been using of recent are :

Are you on a natural hair journey or transition, do you have any tips or stories to share? please drop it below in the comments mwah x

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  1. IchUndElaine

    I should be in bed but found your page and can not stop watching tutorials.
    I wear my hair natural since 6 years, and even dying it since 5 cooper blond, kinda heavy stuff.
    But my hair is more healthy than it was when i relaxed it. I only use natural oils, and take care that there is no sillicon in my shampoo or conditioner.And cut the ends every 6 weeks, and I never had so long hair!
    So keep up with it 😀

    1. Post author

      hey babe, well i hope u got 2 bed eventually lol thanks so much for ur fab tips, i luv to hear them, ur hair sounds beautiful, do u use a mixture of oil (wot kind?) & how regular do u put in ur hair i will deffo b keepin it up, thanks babe xx

  2. temps105

    You get oil stains out with powder (cornstarch, baby powder), like rub it into the stain. Also, you have to work on getting rid of the Blue Magic, because I’m sure it has “petroleum jelly/mineral oil/lanolin” in it which is not healthy for black hair because it clogs pores and coats the hair shaft so that it takes in less moisture. You are really pretty. I love your skin and hair.

  3. aluah8

    Hi peeks great video. I have a question. When you colour your hair does the products you use do anything to the colour. Asking because I colour mine and I find I have to look around for products that dont drain the colour so much, its a strain. As you have been transitioning longer than me I thought you may have some advice. Sept this yr will be 1yr for me. ThanksDenise

    1. Post author

      to b honest the red is the only colour i hav used that seems to fade, but i havent changed my products bcoz i like the different tones i get wiv the dark & blonde showin threw, colour duznt tend 2 stay as vibrant but u acn buy shampoos & cond for specific hair colours x

  4. kikicouture10

    congrats on making it that far I’m a little over 15 months it’s so exciting and your so right about the beginning of transitioning it was quite annoying…..lol

  5. JoeSneaker

    I love the way you say “Water Bottle”. Great Video….. I will try to see if I can get my lady to go with the natural look. As you say, you kinda have to hide it in the beginning until you see a significant amount of growth. I had shoulder length dreadlocks before I cut them off. My stylist kept pulling my hair out at the top as she was twisting it. Now it’s thin on top. Again…. GREAT VIDEO. Your VLOG is well put together. :-)

  6. CathFerook

    That’s a good idea actually, I’m going to put my flexi rods in a shoe box too, they’re in a discoloured ragged carrier bag at the moment LOL!! xox

  7. WhatDawnDidInHeels

    I am SO glad I found your channel Peeks! And thank you for sharing your products. At least I know I can buy them, being in the UK too. About to start my journey when I take my weave out :)

  8. jemjtt

    I really enjoyed ur video, intro, and u have a contagious smile. Well done on reaching 12 months, im only 10 weeks away from being 12 months post relaxer, and its fantastic. Im a pj and proud of it….i enjoy discovering my hair, but cant wait to be fully natural. Ive cut 8inches so far….so just myt cut them off sooner rather then later…keep us uodated

  9. Boyhead1973

    Great update. I chopped after 16.5 months and I intended to go 24 months so I can have length – but I got sick of seeing scraggly ends — and my hair was about BSL by then — but I cut it off and got used to the short hair quickly! Good luck on the reminder of your transition! You’ll feel a sign of relief – maybe not when you first cut, but you will! Each day I look at my curls/coils/kinks and I could not believe I used to kill it with chemicals!

  10. arikeer

    Found your channel and subscribed in an INSTANT once I saw your intro. It’s ridiculously kaa-yewt!!Congrats on your one year!! Woohoo!

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