Dazzling Twisted, Mohawk & Afro Hairstyles Plus Beauty Tips & Lookbook At Move It 2012

Hey sassy people. I recently went to the Move It dance event 2012 at Olympia in London. Phew, there was so much to see from the dance world, but I really went to catch up with you guys to chat about you hair, beauty, fashion tips etc. Had a great time, plus I will be giving away a few of the products I picked up, so be sure to check the competition section.

What was your fave thing from the event? please share below any tips or questions

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Hey Guys, I'm Peeqs. Love all things African and colourful, food mmm food, hot sunshine, fashion, hair, jewellery wooo just so many thaaangs ;p All praise to The Most High x www.zanjoo.com

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    gurl u need´╗┐ 2 make me sum of that hair mixture!!!! lol great tips hun, u speak so well & the ladies luved ur hair, thanks again stay in touch xxx

  2. NaturalMe27

    i Loved the style that the young lady´╗┐ with the afro didshe has exactly my hair typeand of cause all the other ladies out there were awesomecontinue the great job nice interview!!!!!

  3. 888ThomtheArtist888

    Peeks you look amazing!!!!! Love your fun happy upbeat style and attitude. You make me smile. Even your theme song for your videos clears´╗┐ my mind and makes me feel positive. Bless you sweetie. :)

  4. miss4u2nv

    AHH PEEKS!! i’ve been waiting for this video for months! it was me you interviewed at 2.38!! i was so glad you interviewed me , i had so much fun and was really´╗┐ glad i was able to share with everyone how i like to care for my hair!! <3

  5. zheahra

    Hi, Peeks, Love your ensemble. I thought I saw Annalise. She was one´╗┐ of my favs on ANTM British Invasion. The young lady who mixed her own oils was my fav. Her hair was so on point. The lady with the afro hair was really cute too. I want to shave my hair like the young lady with the cute hair cut. I done that so many times. I will do it again in the future. Thanks 4 sharing.

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