Geseen Natural Hair Products & Stimulating Hair Growth Oil Competition (closed)

Geseen Natural Hair Products & Stimulating Hair Growth Oil Competition (closed)

As I’m on my natural hair journey, I’ve had so much support from the online community via my youtube page. So many fab tips and info to share to get in the grove of natural afro hair. I was blessed enough to have a wonderful lady named Mommyg offer to send me some all natural products to try out and help me on my journey. Of course I jumped at the chance.

She sent me Stimulating Natural Hair Growth Oil, Honey Hair Pomade and Luscious Leave-in Conditioning Creme. The lovely thing about these products is their all hand made with natural and organic ingredients and come in dark brown containers to stay fresher longer. I must say the prices of such good quality products is pretty awesome for such large amounts, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Mommyg claims the company founded by God The Most High is the driving force, love your neighbor as you love yourself, so the family company is passing all the goodness and generosity on to you.


Luscious Leave-in Conditioning Creme $3:
Perfect for style maintenance, sealing in moisture, defining curls, and adding shine for any length, texture, and type of hair. This wonderful shea butter-based conditioner can be used as a deep conditioner and pre-shampoo treatment. This product is also great for use on children and babies. Made my hair feel nice and soft.

Honey Hair Pomade $3
*Perfect for use with braids, twists, locs, and other styles! Also provides soft hold for defining curls, taming stray hairs, and helping to add great texture to braid-outs, twist-outs and more! Safe for use on children’s hair too!It smells so nice, like expensive spa products. I used it all over my hair before I realized it was for twist outs, so that would explain why I thought it was a lil stiff to work in so perfect for styling lol

Stimulating Natural Hair Growth Oil $6.50
This was my fave product. Love the bottle design, so clever, never spill oil again because of the smart nozzle, all oil bottles should come like this! Excellent for hot oil treatments, sealing in moisture, and stimulating scalp massages. Moisturizes, strengthens and stimulates nail growth too!. I have to say, I noticed a lil growth spurt at the back of my hair after using for a lil while and it feels great on my dry hair. The bottle is 4oz and will last ages

You simply cant get quality hand made products at this great a price trust me. please check out the website for all the info on shipping, products and how to use videos.

I will be giving away a bottle of the beautiful Stimulating Natural Hair Growth Oil to one lucky winner. Just answer this question:

As well as stimulating hair growth what other part of the body does this oil help grow?

A. Eyelashes
B. Nails
C. Hairy legs

Enter your answer and details below, and I will choose a winner at random. (open UK) Competition closes on the 19th of August 2012, good luck ;p
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