3 Lookbooks, 2 Pastry Shoes, 1 Photoshoot

3 Lookbooks, 2 Pastry Shoes, 1 Photoshoot

Hey guys, well I was soooo lucky to have a load of Pastry shoes sent to me from the lovely Angela & Vanessa Simmons brand. I wanted to do a photoshoot showing you guys how I would style them and at the same time do a photoshoot for my new business cards.

Mr X was on his siiiick photography ideas, so here’s how the “Alter Ego” photo shoot & my business card turned out.

Pastry shoes
Sugar Rush Studs Hightop-black studs
Sire Varsity-black & pink

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Please don’t forget to check out MR X secret video tips on how to create the alter ego photo effect.

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  2. MsLaRachelle

    OMGoodness!!! Love this shoot!!! And love your lil “Yeah, Yeeeeah!” You’re hilarious! By the by, I need those pink leopard leggings in my life… I could also use my own Mr. X here to photograph, but I’m guessing you aren’t giving him up, Huh?

  3. blacklily624

    I like the black sneakers look on you. I honestly haven’t seen anyone where these sneakers up here (Canada) and I’ve only seen these sneakers in discount stores like tjmaxx or winners. Are they popular in the uk?

  4. HarlieQwinn

    Peeks! Groovy lady. Luv the looks. Miss Lolo but shes on the gram so it’s all luv for her too. Style up the green ones. Ur so inspirational! Luv ur channel.

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