I Point Blank Refuse To Do That In The Bedroom!!! Hilarious True Life Sex No No’s

I Point Blank Refuse To Do That In The Bedroom!!! Hilarious True Life Sex No No’s

In light of Evelyn Lozada’s recent admission about tossing salads on Kandi Burress’ webseries, “Kandi Koated Nights,” we thought we’d ask you, our faithful and often hilarious readers, which behaviors were completely off limits when it comes to your bedroom activities. *Please note, though it’s human nature to judge others, kindly refrain from calling anyone nasty… or prudish for their very personal preferences.*

See what your fellow readers had to say, we know you’re curious ;p

Daneen: Things that I would do in a bathroom.

Deborah: no whips or chains allowed.

WheretheresawillDesiree: no one night stands!!

Nakina: I refuse to get butt A$$ naked!! I have a little stomach and that’s something I am very cautious about!!! I refuse!!!!!!! lol

Tanya: anal…never…I’m not gonna eff up the A$$ for his pleasure..if he will eff u in the A$$ he will eff another man…A$$ is A$$…ijs

Tijuana: Swallow.

Valerie: anal. now I’ll offer it once a year (birthday or anniversary or Father’s day or Christmas) but my butt is not meant to be worn out on a regular basis. anything else I’ll try once

Liana: nothing, I believe nothing is freaky, it’s all necessary with all due respects to what you and your mate like. #teamScorpio!!

Tamecka: No Golden Showers smh…oh and I’m not taking it in the face

MzWillie: Wow now that’s too much information! But I cannot do the threesomes. I am too aggressive and my temper is too quick to share my soon-to-be husband with some other skanks willingly! Trying to get me up on charges. His magic stick going to have my name tattooed on it! I’m more than enough woman to make him see and feel the rainbow. -One Love

Patricia: I’m game for anything except golden showers.

Angela: No pee, poo, blood or breathplay.

Veronica: Anal… Pesky hemorrhoid lol

AngelBabygirl: Anal. No need in me risking my colon fallin outta my azz every time I sneeze on account of anal butthole pleasures. SMHELLNAW.

Felisha: No 2 girls and one cup stuff (I don’t think anyone should do that!!!)

Patricia: be choked or strung up from a noose…lol

Vanessa: I’ve already programmed my butt cheeks to clench mightily if something tries to enter my anus voluntarily, involuntarily, and even if I’m drunk and feeling porno-ish…..it won’t happen. you can try to pry them open with the jaws of life…it ain’t happening…

DaSwanja: ANIMALS!!!!! Lol

Resha: Don’t kiss/suck toes!!!

Jane: ::clears throat:: Toss the “salad”!

Bridgett: I’ll try anything once ;)

Mommy Needs Alcohol: here’s one for the books….NO SNOWBALLS! what is a snowball?! that’s when he cums in ya mouth you roll it around and spit it back in his mouth and it goes back and forth til someone spits or *gags* swallows

Jessica: @ Mommy needs — that some like some sorta japanese fetish omfg gross!!! Please add that to the list of stuff I won’t do

Vik: And here I was gonna say, eat cereal. Clearly, it’s been awhile since I’ve done the “do.” LOL!

Well ladies its your turn, what do you draw the line at in bed



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