Update: Business Links, My Afro Hair & Your Questions Answered

Update: Business Links, My Afro Hair & Your Questions Answered

Say what! its been a minute since I stopped to give you guys an update and answer your questions that have been coming in via youtube and my other social networks. So many exciting things have been happening business wise which I can’t wait to share with you as well as many other things.

Are there any videos youy would like to see more of, nails, makeup, lookbooks etc, drop me a comment below.

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Hey Guys, I'm Peeqs. Love all things African and colourful, food mmm food, hot sunshine, fashion, hair, jewellery wooo just so many thaaangs ;p All praise to The Most High x www.zanjoo.com

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  1. rachriddell

    I’m trying to be vigilant with wiping my eyes with a wet and clean wash cloth in the morning and night. It isn’t working too much. My next step is to try and find a good eye drop that isn’t too medicated. So, I think my choices of make-up here will have to be Clinique, Almay, Physicians Formula, Neutrogena, . Hypo-Allergenic. That’s it! You inspire me to keep trying!

  2. bettytoo2

    lol i just up loaded a video of my natural hair ,but its going right back in crochet braids i cant be bother to be combing my afro everyday . its protective styling all the way one love

  3. IISTA

    It took a long time but am finally getting there with my blog and videos. i remember u said do what you love and the benefits will follow not your precise words but close lool. I stopped concentrating on others and started to focus on myself.. hope u come across it when feel like getting your read on =)


    awwww hun, he has his ways of reaching us & never forsaking us even on youtube ;p keep ur strength up & keep ur head & heart strong cum chat anytime & may god bless u x

  5. giggles771984

    Congrats on everything. Your style is so one on a kind.I love the ideal of the unisex t-shirt BTW now that you’ve said it you know we all want to see the accessory overloaded room now :)

  6. TheMeMe2047

    Hi peek hope I didn’t butcher ur if so sooooooo sorry!, however I noticed u didn’t post mr x’s channel down below. I’m very interested in learning about photography and acording to u he seems to know quite a bit and I think it would be very beneficial to me to get all the knowledge I can to better my channel and considering I have this new camera and have no knowledge of how to work it or post vids with it! Sign at a lost!!!.

  7. Nancy Gui

    Peeks !!! I love your style Your are my inspiration for my NeXT collection . I wish you The best for your carrer I wild Like to no ? How old are youDesigner: Nancy Guillaume Signature Frome : Montréal , Canada

  8. Boyhead1973

    Oh and great job on the transitioning… I went 16.5 months and was going for 24 months. Well, I came home from a gala, saw some straight hairs on the back of my car seat, walked right up the stairs to by bathroom, and cut them off. I was BSL… but, now I’m 20 months post relaxer and 4 months natural… loving it! Chop live… that would be a treat to see!!!

  9. mizt6961

    Mannnn, you got the most amazing job, I would trade my office position to be in fashion in a heartbeat. By the way, luv the natural. don’t cut it, you wear it well. Thanks for keeping us informed. Congratz…

  10. luvdkidd

    Peeks you are such an inspiration. So glad I found your channel. I love showing my 7 year your videos. My purpose is to let her see she doesnt have to fit into any ones box. Continued success to y and the awesome Mr. X

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