Why Are Hot Black Girls Unapproachable?

Why Are Hot Black Girls Unapproachable?

OK as a girl this always use to confuse me. Having been an ugly duckling when I was younger, I wasn’t approached by boys, I eventually grew into a swan (so I’m told lol) and guess what? I still don’t get approached by guys!.( Well its not as bad as ‘no’ guys) but is there some truth in this?  Hot girls seem not to get approached as mush as you think they should. Hot, pretty girls are perceived to be unapproachable, AND there are lots of pretty girls without men because of this issue. But why?- is the big question?

Well imagine a work place where all the girls have to dress up in uniform and as do the men. There’s no ranking, everyone is at the same level. The guys would have a much easier task at chatting to any women they desire as there isn’t much difference between the girls, so women have a chance to get approached by guys. This leads to them being more approachable because they don’t develop a perceived superiority to the other girls.

Now in our society there is a massive difference between the looks and status of the girls. There are a few that guys feel are really hot, attractive and then you have all the others. What tends to happens is the few attractive girls get all the attention EVERYDAY wherever they go. This sometimes creates this inflated sense of self-worth in some of the girls heads. So now you get these girls who give off a vibe that they know they are hot and they never seem to smile. They feel that they can get any guy they want so don’t have to entertain any guy that approaches them. Which makes them sometimes come over as rude and un-attractive to talk to. And black girls are not known to shy away from giving a tongue lashing so quite a few men who generally are polite get a rude awakening for approaching these haughty type of girls . Unfortunately this has a knock on effect, as the more girls who do this the more men feel they can’t approach them based on this experience or hearsay.

This has the effect of giving the hot girls, that are descent and warm hearted a bad name. People think they’re ALL stuck up because of the ones that can’t be gracious about their God-given good looks. Which are actually the luck of the draw and have nothing to do with their own actual worth, but instead is a function of their parent’s genes.The guys looking to get a girlfriend eventually get tired of the demands of hot girls ways. Its why you see more average girls in a relationship who go on to get married than hot girls who are forever looking for that perfect guy that they think they so rightly deserve.

What do you think, do you know this type of girl?

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  1. Dea

    Not every girl that you don’t seem to catch smiling is a bitch. Just cause you don’t see them smile doesn’t mean they are a snobby person. Some people just have blank expressions until they actually interact and start talking with someone.

  2. ~sparta~

    bieng a guy myself , i see your problem , most guys are actually to scared to approach a girl , let alone a beautiful or a hot one,they get freaking nervous , plain and simple , hope that helps

    ~regarda des voldra~
    gracias amichi

  3. Ella

    Regardless of bad past experiences men need to grow some balls and not pre-judge all attractive females, tarnishing them all with the same brush. Many attractive, down to earth females get overlooked or bitchy retaliation from so called men EVEN when these women have politely turned down a mans advances. I think the way some men approach and react to women also needs to be addressed.

  4. Samantha

    I don’t know, this article kind of missed the mark for me. I’ve read some articles claiming to know why attractive girls don’t get approached and this one sounded like it had a goo bearing at first but lost its steam in the middle.

    Granted, there are some girls with more confidence than they know what to do with and there are a lot of girls who-given the right opportunity- could pull anyone they wanted but the article didn’t necessarily explain why sincere, gentile, attractive females get overlooked.

    While this is a matter of sheer preference there are a lot of factors at play that aren’t explained very well. And the point about evening out the playing field in a homogeneous setting is also flawed logic. I work in a setting where men and women are required to wear the same attire but that doesn’t take away from who look attractive and who doesn’t. There is a saying that some girls could wear a potato sack and still look sexy and that becomes more apparent in settings like the one described.

    Also what about the girls who have not come to appreciate that they may actually be hot. yes they dress up, yes they wear make-up, yes to the casual observer you’d expect guys to swarm them because they are pretty but they could very well have shot self esteem. Perhaps they don’t believe themselves to be pretty and that is why they think they aren’t being approached.

    Most times in life I’ve heard of men not wanting to approach a girl because she’s considered out of their league. And most women who wonder why they aren’t being approached have self image issues. I think its moreso to do with unconscious perception than a few overly confident girls ruining things for the masses.

    1. peeks

      hey samantha, you made sum great points, i always encourage others to be involved and add their experience or contributions, so it helps others further. sounds like maybe you could write an article on the matter, i would be happy to read it if u submitted one on the topic. may god bless u x

  5. jamie Swanson

    This is literally STUPID average girls? Hot Girls?
    Men approach females based on their preference so there is no constant
    category of HOT GIRLS you might think you’re hot but another guy might think
    you’re nothing special.
    Same for women. What they think is HOT is based on their own preference!
    Some women/men prefer short men/women others prefer tall men/women.
    especially when gravity and age are a BITCH!
    thank you,
    p.s. this whole artificial was too superficial for me.

      1. Samantha

        Thanks Peeks! I might consider writing an article. You’re such a doll and I love everything you’re doing on your site. Keep up the great work!

  6. Jason Nwansi

    looks aren’t everything, it’s all about attraction, although “extremely-pretty/hot-chicks” turn a lot of heads on the high street these women are not always attractive in their behavior or attitude. most men would rather make an average looking lady (who is attractive to them) feel like the only woman on the planet as the egos that so called “Hot-Chicks” carry is not worth battling with unless you’re a man who enjoys wasting energy & time.

    as we all know it seems like their is a tribe immature of so-called “Hot-Chicks” who enjoy belittling men that approach them almost like it’s a sport, or as energy-vampires being rude and depleting a mans ego/energy in-turn energizes the so called “Hot-Chick” in some way.

    this is a shame, especially for beautiful ladies who aren’t as immature as the gassed up ladies but i do think that the ladies who are beautiful & down to earth owe it to themselves to correct their attractive but less mannered counterparts if they ever witness this vulgar behavior from them, as it’s affecting your future prospects of finding a decent man.

  7. Czathero

    I still don’t know how to deal with guys that approach me on the streets  even though it’s been happening since I was 14 (I’m 18 by the way). Sometimes I get approached by creepy stalker-type men and a cop once told me to just ignore them (or tell them that I have a boyfriend–never had one in my life) because I don’t know what they’ll do.
    However, there are a lot of guys who are nice and just give me a compliment or two. Sometimes I talk back with a giggle and/or “thank you”.
    However, I would ignore them in the beginning (except for this one guy that ran across the street just to talk to me and I wound up giving a hug to) because I was scared. However, now I feel a bit rude because it takes a lot of courage to talk to a stranger like that.
    I’m not sure what to think about it but from now on I’ll try to be gentle somehow.

  8. A Man

    Every male who has ever approached more than one woman knows this type of girl. And yep, it sure did fuck it up for the good ones, but hey, that’s life.

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