Beauty Guru Event & My Outfit Of The Day

Beauty Guru Event & My Outfit Of The Day

Hey guys, well remember I had a few business meeting videos, well here is the place I went. It was an event put on by an agency I am signed to and I got to meet some beauty gurus like Brit Pop Princess, Wande etc.

Check out the action below


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  2. HarlieQwinn

    Peeks! A collab would be ok but they all look so boring while u look so wow. I don’t even watch that Brit pop chick. Idk lady ur groovy on ur own but change is inevitable huh. Good luck from Harlem NYC.

  3. 888ThomtheArtist888

    Thank you for ALWAYS being respectful,extremely positive, and informative to us your subscribers. You have been one of the few youtube gurus that openly admits that youtube is a job (or an important part of the way they earn a living) I have alway felt that thru your vids, you were helping me rise up with you and be able to reach my goals. Thank you again for being honest with us and “sharing the wealth” We are blessed to be your subs. Please lots more biz videos :)

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