YouTube Vlogger Tips, 1 Million Views, Massive Giveaway, Q&A’s (closed)

YouTube Vlogger Tips, 1 Million Views, Massive Giveaway, Q&A’s (closed)

I just can’t believe how quickly 12 months has gone since the start of the MO-AM Network’s youtube channel and we have now reached over 1 million views and over 21,800 subscribers! Brace yourself cause I get quite emotional ;p it was just a bit overwhelming thinking of all the hard behind the scene’s work myself and Mr X do, it takes sacrifice and hard work. Its really been such a blessing and that’s why to celebrate and say a massive thank you to you guys, I’m doing a massive giveaway along with Punkyfish clothing who have generously donated toward an amazing 2 set of prizes! (Too many prizes to name please see image and video)

To enter is very simple. We have prize 1 and prize 2. The rules are the same for both prizes. 
1. You must be a subscriber to whatever prize you are entering for (you can enter both)
2. Like this video (or the punkyfish video)
3. Write a comment on this video (at youtube) with the following: enter me!
– when the winner is announced you must send your address within 5 days or the prize will go to someone else

– Only ONE comment entry per account (unless its general comments)
– 3. If under 18, ask permission of a parent or guardian as we need your address
– Giveaway closes on 17th September 2012,
– Open internationally (woohoo)
– Winners will be chosen at random, i will inbox you on youtube so please check after closing date your inbox. All I ask is the winners email me a photo so you guys know who won in my gallery section on my website!

Competition closes on the 17th of September 2012, good luck ;p
Terms and conditions apply

All clothing and shoes can be found at

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Also check out & subscribe to MR X for his awesome behind the scene tutorials, tips & advice on photography & video.

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  1. Stephanie

    Hey Peeks! I just wanted to say congrats to you on this milestone. I cried with you watching this video. I remember your video “Making Sacrifices for Your Dreams” and I just thought, gosh, look at how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved. All the struggles are paying off. I am leaving home to embark on a new journey myself, and you’ve inspired me to go out there and do it. You are so unique and full of life and you are destined for greatness. I’ve entered your giveaway, but I just want to say thanks for being you. Keep the faith. God Bless sis and all the best for the future!

    1. Post author

      oh gosh, i get so emotional on thez types of things lol but thank u so much hun. were r u movin off to & embark on? i wish u all the best, pls keep me posted and keep the most high first in ur plans gurl xx

  2. Harlie Qwinn

    Peeks! ENTER ME! I’m nerd spazzing. Rockin the punky in Harlem would be super groovy and a total honor. Please do a peeks work out vid. Show us how to keep it tight lady.

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