Sexy Angela Simmons Poses For Fearless Magazine

Sexy Angela Simmons Poses For Fearless Magazine

Wow Angela Simmons strikes again in another fabulous fashion spread for fearless Magazine. Looks like this dark plum shade lipstick should be part of your Autumn/Winter collection.

Im sure she’s probably sporting hair from her weave collection, the shade is fab on her complexion, though i would love to see a shoot with her natural hair since I saw her big afro a while ago. The style looks very Azealia Banks, Kudos to the shoot.

Inside, she puts on her guest editor hat and pens a letter to her fans about the obstacles and criticism she’s overcome  as well as why her family and friends stay close to her heart.

I’ve overcome a lot of obstacles! For me, when I first came onto the scene I dealt with criticism about my weight and how I looked, but I’ve overcome that. I’ve learned that everyone has an opinion when you’re in the spotlight, but what matters most is how YOU feel about yourself. I’ve gotten over being criticized, and learned [it’s] just not important. There are other things to focus your energy on.

It’s important to keep your biggest cheerleaders closest to you and I will say my friends and family are always apart of my life because they help in shaping me as an individual. Without them, I don’t know where I would be. Through both the good and the hard times they are always there to lean on with the best advice. With [their] help I can say it has been an amazing journey.

You can catch the full article in this month’s Fearless Magazine!

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