12 Sex Tips For Women By Men, This Will Blow His Mind!

12 Sex Tips For Women By Men, This Will Blow His Mind!

Im gonna let the men talk here, and give it to us straight. Here’s what he wants you to do, no fuss, unadultarated 12 sex tips to boost your bedroom play and bond, enjoy!

Stimulate him visually

Play up to his eyes with a slow, seductive striptease, and watch him go weak at the knees. Don’t worry about labels or expensive lingerie too much, by all means dress to thrill, but you can just as easily make his heart race by tantalisingly removing your work clothes.
Matt Wyman

Soft touch

Buy loads of pillows and experiment with heights, shapes, and widths, so you can use them for extra support during sex, to help give the optimum angle for different positions.
Alexander James

Be uncomplicated

This doesn’t mean you have to be easy. Men enjoy a challenge, just so long as they know where they stand. So, if you want him to do something to you, he’ll rate you for being up front about it, and eager to oblige.
Matt Wyman

Guide him by the hand

Showing your man what turns you on can be just as arousing for him. If he’s missing the mark, give him directions. If he can see the pleasure he’s giving you, it will boost his confidence and help him to relax.
Matt Wyman

Mix it up

Women love a blended orgasm – when more than one part is stimulated at the same time – and the same goes for men. Don’t think of his bits  as a hunk of meat attached to his body; imagine it as a complex bit of kit with many different components, each giving off their own particular sensations.  When you combine your technique  with a swirl of the tongue  or a caress of his intimates get ready to step back.

The right angle

Try a slight swivelling motion with your head during oral. Just a slight turn of the neck is all that’s needed. We don’t want you breaking your spine.
Alexander James

Start softly

Take him in your mouth when he’s still soft. The feeling of stiffening in the woman’s mouth is a great turn-on for both partners.

Water music

When using a condom, slip a few drops of a water-based lubricant inside the tip before you slip it on the head. It allows us to manoeuvre comfortably inside. Add some of the same lubricant, too, on the outside of the condom to give yourself a smoother ride.
Alexander James

Play all the positions in the field

If you’re bored on your back then suggest something new. Athletic sex appeals to the sportsman inside every guy. Even if they can’t keep up, they’ll be aroused by your enthusiasm.
Matt Wyman

Let him play with your toys

If you want to introduce toys into your sessions but your partner is a bit iffy about it, start with the smallest, least phallic-looking toys in the shop, and let him use them on you, so he doesn’t feel left out.
Al Needham

Stocking thriller

We love nylons and suspenders. If you wear them, go one better than most lovers. Put the knickers on over the suspender belt, instead of under. That way, they can come off, leaving those sexy stockings intact. Being inside our woman, while she’s still wearing lingerie blows our mind.
Alexander James

Keep it trim

Shaved bits are a fantastic incentive to get your bloke orally inclined, because there’s so much more to kiss, nuzzle and lick, but stubble needs to be avoided at all costs. Think about it, his face will be moving in an upward direction, against the grain, so avoid making him look like he’s put his head into a box of feral cats, and keep it smooth!
Al Needham
courtesy ivillage.co.uk


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  1. W. Asher

    Fun and adventurous women are the most attractive kind. Forget about looking perfect. It all comes down to how much you make a guy feel at ease and have a good time.

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