Senegalese Twists, Pin Up Style With Head Scarf

Senegalese Twists, Pin Up Style With Head Scarf

Well, I’m excited I finally tried out Senegalese Twists, I have been crushin on them for the longest time. Sometimes they can get a lil in the way when your doing stuff, so to combat them always falling in my face I tried this style which kind of reminds me of a Pin Up Style With Head Scarf. Hope your like it, thumbs up if so, enjoy




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Hey Guys, I'm Peeqs. Love all things African and colourful, food mmm food, hot sunshine, fashion, hair, jewellery wooo just so many thaaangs ;p All praise to The Most High x

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  1. kikicouture10

    Hey, is that part in Friday when she flipped her braids and said “you know I love your mama” or when she came up on the porch and said “Who is that B” I was watching it like 5days ago any who loved the style, so´╗┐ original.

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