How to Make Nigerian Suya

How to Make Nigerian Suya

MMMmmmmmmmmm, Can you tell I’m excited about this video lol. I love cooking, and any man will tell you this skill is top wifeee material if your looking for reasons to motivate yourself into the kitchen ;p. I’ve been searching out new recipes and well, this looked too tasty not to share. Here is how to make Nigerian Beef Suya, enjoy.

Tips for making the best Nigerian Suya:
1. If possible use beef that was cut on the same day for your Nigerian Suya.
2. It is not advisable to refrigerate the beef including when marinating it. Yes I know I will get the counter top or no counter top question on this. So this is NOT my tip, the Mai Suyas (the Suya Gurus of Nigeria) say that refrigerating the meat for Nigerian Suya at any point depletes the natural flavour of the beef.

3. Use the fleshiest part of the beef for your Nigerian Suya. The part with as little fat as possible. Small streaks of fat here and there is fine but if you use the part with a lot of fat, the fat will just melt away during roasting and the Nigerian Suya will be sticky when cold.
4. Roast the Suya at low temperatures. Yes, I know you are impatient to start biting into those yummy Nigerian Suyas but the patient YOU eats the tastiest Suya … lol!
There are lots more information about Nigerian Suya on my website (link above)

Nigerian Suya Spice contains:
Groundnuts (peanuts)
Ground ginger
Assorted types of dry peppers
Stock cubes
Ground dry onions and

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