Top 7 Perfumes Autumn/Winter 2012

Top 7 Perfumes Autumn/Winter 2012

There’s nothing like a beautiful new fragrance. It gives you a new mood and when the sweet savour hits your nostrils  in the future you get that reminisce feeling of….gosh remember that year/time when?? You know what I’m talking about? Well these stunning new perfumes will be sure to make you remember Autumn/Winter 2012 in years to come ;p

1. Valentino, Valentina Assoluto, £61 – £82
Intrinsically feminine, this perfume was made by Valentino to be for a ‘modern heiress’, one who is seductive, provocative and charming. Largely a floral scent with notes of Smeggia peach, vanilla and patchouli.

2. Tom Ford, Jonquille De Ni£135 for 50ml
We love Jonquille de Nuit from Tom Ford which is new unisex fragrance for 2012. Expect notes of bitter orange blossom and base notes of orris and amber.

3. Bottega Veneta, Poire £60 for £50ml
The lovely Atomizer and beautiful bottle would be enough to convince us on this one, but it just so happens that the fragrance is also fantastic. Fresh, long lasting and compiled with the same artisan craftmanship that founded the brand.

4. Hugo Boss, BOSS Nuit Pour Femme £59
Inspired by arguably the most iconic symbol of feminine style, the little black dress. Modern florals are said to add the finishing touch to a woman’s outfit, so she feels “perfectly put together.”

5. Dior, Miss Dior £64 – £85
Miss Dior is a chypre that develops step by step. It glides from the sharp charm of a fresh, fruity, citrus prelude into blossoming floral notes, then on to the noble elegance of patchouli, before finally concluding with musk, the last trace of memory.

6.Diptyque, Volutes £85
Ending with a classic name, Diptyque. This new for 2012 fragrance is for both men and women. It has top notes of flower and honey together with dark notes of myrhh and benzion. A classic in the making.

7. Chloe, Eau de Chloe £36.50 – £61
This has everything we loved from the original Chloe perfume, but is lighter and more refreshing. A floral scent with notes of citrus and base of patchouli.


Do you have any of these perfumes, which is your fave? Drop your comment below x


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