Want Success Ladies? Maybe You Need A Male Mentor To Get Ahead!

Want Success Ladies? Maybe You Need A Male Mentor To Get Ahead!

Speaking from personal experience here, I can really vouch for this advice in working with males. As many of you know I work with Mr Overlord X, who is super talented and driven with a determination Ive never seen before. Men bring a different energy and focus to the game. Its more militant and discipled and sometimes very hard to deal with, as us ladies like to be spoken to gently BUT, you’ll be surprised at how  you start to achieve and the levels of work you reach. I think this is where God made men and women different in that respect. So working together as a team can only men great things. Check the article below for more:

Women! Want to get ahead in business? Get a male mentor, say a group of success female entrepreneurs.

A panel made up of female entrepreneurs and investors spoke at the International Women’s Forum World Leadership Conference about how they found success in startups. “The women suggested that they didn’t get to where they are today by relying on other women for support or advice; men played an important role in their achievements,” reports Inc.com.

“Male mentors for women are critical. It has been critical for me,” said Mariam Naficy, founder of e-commerce sites Minted.com and Eve.com.

According to Inc.com, venture capitalist and Stanford professor Ann Muira-Ko, who is in a male-dominated industry, said she survived  by “learning from the men in her space. Whether it was in a computer science class or while working with startups in Silicon Valley, Muira-Ko says she made meaningful male connections (including working during college with then-HP CEO Lewis Platt) that helped her start angel investment firm FLOODGATE with male co-founder Mike Maples.”

Entrepreneurial and financial consultant Princess Clark-Wendel agrees.  She feels women better learn the way men operate in the workplace from being mentored by men in their industry. “Both men and women get things done in their own ways, however, the truth is we work and see things differently. We’re different, but we need each other to survive especially in business,” she told us in an online chat. “Women can certainly learn a few things from male mentors and not just the technical aspects of business. Women, in general multitask whereas most men are focused on the task at hand. In order to succeed in business women need both energies, especially now that the world of work has changed.”

Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe, author president of The Afia Planning and Development Corporation, a management and development leadership firm, says she consistently advises businesswomen to team up with male mentors.

“I have male mentors and they have helped me enhance my skill sets and professional competencies tremendously. Interactions, coaching and encouragement from a male mentor can help a woman sharpen all of her skills, particularly in the areas of leadership effectiveness and negotiation, skills which are essential whether leading an organization or a business,” explains Davis-DeFoe.

One skill is negotiating. “Even when we know our goods and services are worth the asking price or more, we typically have difficulty negotiating for ourselves. Women tend to operate from a transformative perspective that is working tirelessly to engage everyone in changing things for the better; this can be both challenging and unnerving,” Davis-DeFoe told Madame Noire. “Culture eats strategy for lunch, so when women have the benefit of a male mentor, they learn how to better understand and navigate… tumultuous waters.”

It seems sometimes in business, you may need to think like a man. Any ladies out there have experience with a male mentor? Let us know.
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