My Skin Care Products & Routine

My Skin Care Products & Routine

Hi guys, I’ve had quite a few requests (and compliments…thanks ;p) about my skin and what products I use.  Its been a while so here is an update on what I have been using. Remember to always test a new beauty product out for at least 28-30 days so you can truly see if it benefits your skin. Video below

What’s your favourite products or tips for keeping healthy skin?

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    hmm u hav to be careful not to pick ur skin as hard as it may be, black skin can scar very badly or get keloids, dark patches etc. u cud try microdermabrasion, my friend had bad scarring it worked for her, but pls research into it. also bio oil is suppose to be good x all the best x

  2. prettikitti

    You are so right about the bad habits! It’s so true! I’ve discovered some of mine and fixed them. I have a towel just for my face and I wash my make-up brushes regularly. I also noticed I break out more on one side of my face. I realized that it was because I use my cell phone on that side most of the time, and the surface hits my face. I minimized it and I have seen a lot of improvement. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  3. soflymr85

    I have noticed that I have a lot of bad habits when it comes to my skin like I always put my my face on my hand. my cellphone talking on my cellphone close to my face break my face out

  4. HarlieQwinn

    Peeks! Thnks for sharing. I’ve heard so many older folks use Vaseline. Gonna try. Also can u do a simple everyday makeup look using drug store products. U and I seem to be the same color n I need help bad. Something simple for work everyday to make me pop a lil.

  5. ananijosie

    Great video! we must all be on the same skin wavelength! the second skin care video i have seen up today!… You are blessed to have good skin!! I just did a three part series on my skin woes and my scars and how i cover them up… Makeup is a great thing LOL

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