If you go back to the 70’s or even earlier, women of colour always rocked the bright pastel colours within their fashion. Whilst some other fashions and races like to go dull and dark. We love to go bold, bright and the more colours the more flamboyant. All you have to do is go to London carnival or to a black afro hair and beauty show to see some amazing examples of this.

Now the black girl when it comes to colour does not shy away from adding it to her beauty & physical form which is unmatched and she knows it too. But there’s something about black girls and their sense of style, which comes from within. When they rock the rainbow colours, they take it to some incredible new levels. The colours, the cut, the hair, the swag. If it was any other person, it would look like an eye sore. But for some reason, she wears it well and like it was suppose to be. Anyway here are a few of my fave photo’s of girls with swag… the black girl in colour.

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  1. Phina

    personally I love colours. I really helps me express the way I feel without being vocal! And besides its mad fun wearing colours and not matching.

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