Laura Mercier Arabesque Spring 2013 Stunning Makeup Collection

Laura Mercier Arabesque Spring 2013 Stunning Makeup Collection

Creating a sizzling, piercing gaze has never been easier, so test Laura Mercier’s new Arabesque makeup collection for spring 2013 and see if you can resist temptation!Lately makeup brands have been battling for the hearts of cosmetics enthusiasts even more fiercely as the results of their efforts are more impressive than ever and one of the brands that is bound to sweep beauty addicts off their feet is Laura Mercier. The brand’s Arabesque makeup collection for spring 2013 brings the hotness of the Arabian desert with its richly pigmented makeup products, so if you’re looking for shades that will make you look sizzling this spring, this is definitely a collection to take into consideration!

To make sure you can go from demure to the seductress without worries, Laura Mercier chose a mix of light to dark shades that are universally flattering, making the Arabesque makeup collection truly irresistible, so check out the products that aim to deliver an impeccable look from your lips to your tips and pick your new season faves:

Free Spirit Bakes Eye Color Palette
These bakes eyeshadow pigments feature a semi-matte finish that will give depth and drama to your peepers. Go subtle adding just a bit of pigment on your lids or go bold and layer the shades, blending them to perfection so you can make jaws drop every time you step out wearing makeup. The palette includes the following shades:
Pink Tutu
Bare Yoga
Satin Ribbon
Soft Cloud
Blue Zen

Eye Pencils
Define, accentuate or slightly alter the shape of your eyes with the help of these richly pigmented eye liner pencils available in:
Midnight Blue
Stone Grey

Creme Cheek Color
A natural flush can totally heat-up your look, so give your cheeks a subtle or a drama tint with the help of these fabulous creamy texture blushes available in:

Lip Color
Laura Mercier’s Arabesque collection offers honeys the chance to go for a lipstick, a lip tint or a lip gloss look, so choose the shades and textures that you feel most comfortable wearing as they’re all amazing:
Creme Smooth Lip Color in Arabesque
Lip Stain in Shy Pink and Mulberry
Lip Glace in Bare Pink

Because an impeccable look is brought by more than just makeup, Laura Mercier chose to add a seductive, romantic beige-pink nail polish to this collection, so your nails can radiate like diamonds in the sun, so give En Pointe a try and prepare to be conquered for the entire season! The collection will become available for purchase starting January.

Photos courtesy of Laura Mercier
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