Hot For 2013 The Ciate Sequin Manicure

Hot For 2013 The Ciate Sequin Manicure

3D DIY manicures have undoubtedly been the biggest nail trend of 2012 to date. After the sell out of the Ciate Nail Caviar earlier on in the year, Ciate have returned with their latest innovation – the sequin manicure.

The Ciate Sequin Manicure was created by Ciaté Creative Director Charlotte Knight. She developed the sequined manicure whilst trying to achieve an ‘extravagant nail look to give an embellished dazzling finish.’ This uber glamorous product creates a heavy sequin coat on your nails, giving glittery textured tips.

Each kit comes with its own box of dazzling sequin sprinkles and Ciaté’s unique ‘Glitter Grip’ to ensure maximum hold for the ultimate gorgeous diamond encrusted look.

This sequin nail finish is the perfect way to decorate your nails this holiday season, adding just the right amount of sparkle to accessorize any party dress.

Priced at £14 each, the sequin manicure sets come in three dazzling colours
Super Duper Sequin Manicure Set: A fusion of gold, copper and green tones
Tutu Sequin Manicure Set : A mix of of pink, purple and red hues
Harlequin Sequin Manicure Set : A primary multi-colour mix

How to apply the Ciate Sequin Manicure

Step 1. Wipe your nails to ensure they are clean and oil free (this will help ensure against chipping)

Step 2. Apply one coat of the Ciaté Glitter Grip and leave to dry

Step 3. Apply a second coat Ciaté Glitter Grip and roll the nail into your pot of sequins (Make sure you only work on one nail at a time)

Step 4. Gently press and compact the sequin coat on to your nail and sweep away any excess sequins.

Step 5. After you have applied the sequin layer to every nail, complete with a final top coat of Ciaté Glitter Grip

Step 6. Leave your nails to completely dry for 15-20 minutes


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