Brunch With ANTM Annaliese Dayes, Natural Hair, Beauty, & Lifestyle

I’m super excited as Currently on America’s Next Top Model- British Invasion (Mondays 9pm Sky Living) the beautiful, energetic ball of energy Annaliese Dayes stopped by Cottons Camden for a sit down brunch  to give me all the gossip on life on America’s Next Top Model, her exciting new venture into the fashion world, and plenty hair and beauty gossip to boot. Lets dive in..

Find Annaliese here: and

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Hey Guys, I'm Peeqs. Love all things African and colourful, food mmm food, hot sunshine, fashion, hair, jewellery wooo just so many thaaangs ;p All praise to The Most High x

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  1. guyanesechick75

    Im not familiar with Annaliese, but she seems like a cool and genuine person. Great interview Peeks. Folks just seem to open up to you and tell ALL their secrets…luckily for us! Thanks

  2. skylabx2000

    Not been through in a while my girl Peeks afro is looking amazing loving it loving loving it, waiting to sea the Peeks fashion doll in Harrods so I can get one for my niece she would go nuts for it ?:-) keep up the great work great role model

  3. myaleeza

    Your interview skills are getting soooo refined. You make it look easy *but it’s not* Please do more one on one sit down interviews. LOVED THIS!!!!!!! The setting, the camera angles and lighting, terrific Be Blessed :)

  4. emefasco93811

    you ladies are very pretty and I love the hair styles going on. I enjoyed every single I heard and saw in this video. And I must say Moam(hope I mentioned your name correctly), you’re a good moderator.

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