My Lion King Dinner Date, Flexi Curls & All Black Outfit Of The Night

My Lion King Dinner Date, Flexi Curls & All Black Outfit Of The Night

After soooo much work, I’m having a much needed night out at a delicious restaurant and a theatre trip to the Amazing Lion King (totally recommend it!) Find out what I wore and thumbs up if you enjoyed ;p

Shoes, dress and jacket by Punkyfish
Faux fur coller: Furnatic collection
Snakeskin Clutch: Gucci
Tights: Primark
Hair: flexi rod

Theme tune, “It Takes Me Away” by Vean, now available for download:

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    soz dont remember the name but it was just a short walk from the venue ( also served sushi) it was the only one of that nature so u wont miss it, enjoy ur stay hope the summer is good ;]

  2. hot4hrithik

    i saw the lion king in vegas for my bday and it was waaaaaay more dramatic and better than the movie i feel…btw luv ur vids and ur hair has come a loooong way since ur transitioning days. Please feel free to check out my video would love ur feedback!

  3. MerelyMarie

    I absolutely loved seeing “The Lion King” on stage! Great experience. The food looks absolutely yummy, and you look great as usual! :)P.S.It’s funny how even on our “days/nights off”, we’re still working. #bloggerlife #entrepreneurship

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