A Special Time for A Massive Hair & Beauty Giveaway

A Special Time for A Massive Hair & Beauty Giveaway

Hey guys, super exciting time. As you may know I don’t celebrate christmas etc but I do celebrate a time in the KJB called Purim, you can read all about this awesome story in the Book of Esther or chapter 9:13-32. Its a time of celebration and giving portions or gifts, so to celebrate with you, I am doing a massive beauty giveaway to you guys because your awesome ;p



Just answer this question:
Write “enter me” followed by ‘ What past time in your life where you thought The Most High really helped you through?‘.

I will choose a winer at random and its open worldwide, all the best & look forward to reading your story. Closing date 14th March 2013 Terms and conditions apply.

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    hi im sorry u feel that way but pls dont read via google pls read the king james bible! the most high saved his people from death and to acknowledge that we remember this great delivery, give thanks & share gifts, if thats a dealbreaker then i cant understand. i believe in the most high & christ & as long as i follow his law & commandments based on the bible not google & thats wot counts.

  2. Peter Pan

    The most high time of my life is when i was in the military and things seemed real scary to me and i prayed about them because i was really struggling with all the rough training that i was going through but my God bought me through it all and i graduated with my class. i was so happy and relieved1

  3. NaturalAL93

    Enter Me ENTER ME ENTER ME, It had to have been the time when I was unable to go to the college of my Dreams and I wind up going to a Community College. I was so devastated, I know that being a community College would make me feel so low. I hated how All of my friends went to IVY League Schools and I was stuck back in the same County. Being at The Community College really showed me how to Grow as a Student I am Serious about my Future and It doesn’t matter what School I attend. I will make it.

  4. whitfsv

    Enter me, I was facing eviction with a newborn baby, no one would take me in and I did not want to be in a shelter with my baby. I felt defeated, with only 2 days left I came across a place that took me with bad credit.

  5. Unnikue Edwards

    enter me : in 2012 , one of my friends died , my highschool went on strike , i started college & my family was falling apart before my eyes but through it all the sun shined in the end !

  6. KAI3411

    Enter me! He helps me constantly. I find He pulls me through the most right before I want to give up or can’t seem to make it, then He supplies me with light at the end of my tunnel.

  7. soflymr85

    Enter Me. In 2009 my best friend was killed and i was depressed and couldn’t even get out of bed, I prayed and cried out to him for help, understanding, love and slowly i got better and i had more understanding of why he was taken home. Ever since i have been growing in my faith and love for God that i encourage others and give my testimony.

  8. MusicIsSanity13

    Enter me: wen i found out i was going to have a aby and only halfway through college. i hd my family and friends that supported me and i was able to get thriugh and recieve my bachelors with no extra time.

  9. onejazzymiss

    Enter me: A trying time in life was when my mother had a stroke and I had to take car of my sister. I prayed and I helped my mother fully recover and my sister and I have tried to help out by keeping our grades up so we can get into programs for money to help her.

  10. 805GPC

    Enter Me: A past time in my life, that I still thank God for everyday, is helping me survive my time spend in Iraq. I know in my heart that if it wasn’t for him,I wouldn’t be here today.

  11. skinnypennie

    Enter me: when my dad died 2 years ago I wanted to give up, but God wouldn’t let me so I picked myself up and started to live again because my father would want me to be happy and to live my life to the fullest. Even though ours love ones may be gone they are never forgotten. Life goes on so hold on to those precious memories.

  12. love4kysha

    enter me: there is never really a day he never helped me… everyday that i wake, sleep, work, play, its with his help that I am here.. He has helped me from the day i came to this world..


    Enter me: cliche maybe but God really showed up in my life after I had my son in 2005, I was 18 and lost even after having him I was still trying to live the worldly lifestyle but it just wasn’t meshing anymore, years of running from God, I realized there was no place for me in this world without Him, scripture reminds us were in this world but not of this world, He saved me from myself now I have peace and I have it more abundantly, sometimes we forget where we come from thanks for reminding me

  14. CatwalkBarbie

    Enter me: Yah really moved in my life during my college years when I was feeling very overwhelmed financially, over worked and was dealing with a no good boyfriend at the time, I was sitting in my bathroom crying when all of a sudden I heard someone singing outside below my window, No weapons formed against me shall prosper! tears began to really flood my eyes but there was a release off my heart

  15. TheTrashon

    Enter Me – The most high has certainly helped me through many dark hours but it is the times when I am making someone else feel valued, loved, and appreciated that I am most grateful.

  16. Michelle Thorne-Lewis

    Enter me: God touched me profoundly in my teens. I suffer from depression and it was really bad in my teenage years to the point that I was suicidal. But I called on Him and made me realise I have a lot to live for. I may not walk the best path but I do try… Thanks for being the awesome and humble person you are. Continue to be blessed!!!!!!

  17. KayeElleBee

    Enter me, please. God came through for me when I had my car accident last year. Although my car was wrecked, I walked away without a scar. My mother died in a car accident when I was 9 so I’m forever thankful, forever grateful!

  18. xcrystalclearrr

    Enter me: When 2 members of my family died, it was a really hard time for me. I missed school, stopped going to church, did so many bad things. A lot of persevering and prayer helped pull me through. It showed me how much power He has, being able to pull up who was already so far gone.

  19. Crimson2AT

    Enter me: I was broken, ashamed, and too proud to speak about the unhealthy relationship that I was in. I hurt and felt I would never heal–that I didn’t deserve to feel whole, but I’m so grateful that God saw more value in me and my life than I saw in myself. We can hide anything from the rest of the world, but God knows without us uttering a word. The night my ex-boyfriend held me down at knife point, threatening to take my life, God gave me a strength I never knew I possessed. He revived a w

  20. PinkySaadia

    Enter me: hey peeks.. well the time in my life where I really relied on God was during my last year at College. it was hard being in a class where the teacher you need the most openly does not like you. on top of that the work load was ridiculous and nearing the end of the year ur experiencing blackouts from lack of energy. I truly believe God was the only reason I did not give up and for that I’m now at uni and very grateful even with the struggles I’m currently facing

  21. Tymahlya Griswold

    Enter Me: God has been there for me and protected me during the loss of my job. I lost my job back in April 2012. I had lost everything because of that–even my faith in God. Through prayer, I regained my faith and it’s stronger now more than ever. God took me out of my deep depression and brought me peace. I still am unemployed but God gave me the courage and the patience to start my own photography business. I lost everything but I’m thankful for all that God has given me.

  22. JoJo88797

    Enter me :)I felt the most high has really helped me through My worst breakup following a first true love story and there when I knew my real friends who always stood by me.

  23. juel70ja

    Please enter me!! The Most High helped me through my surgery in January. My friends, family and fellow workers are amazed at speedy recovery.

  24. davisutt

    Enter me – I first really experienced the grace of God when I went through my first breakup. It was devastating and I felt so alone, with no comfort from my family. Ever since then, I’ve known that I can just ask for help, comfort and whatever I need in dark hours and I feel Him warm my heart.

  25. CarribeanAsianBeauty

    Enter me- The most high really helped me through the time when I was going to a public elementary school, because at that time of my life I use to get made fun of and the more I think about it, the more I realize that God was just showing me that there will be disrespectful people in this world, so God was just helping me develop tough skin for the real world.

  26. MahoganyConsulting

    Enter Me – I felt the Most High when I was visited by a spiritual person stating I will not losing my home when I was going through serious financial trouble due to medical issues.

  27. carrieb1027

    Enter Me – I felt the Most High come closer to me when I was taken from my Mom and Dad and sent to live with my Aunt in a small town. I was very little when I felt this presence and it has never left… I give thanks! Thank you for doing this!

  28. Kathy Mason

    This incident almost happened nearly two weeks ago. But while contemplating the idea, I felt sort of a god-like present while I was in my room that kind of lifted pain and sorrow off of my shoulders. I never felt so happy to cry in my life and never MORE happy to be able to praise him everyday.

  29. Vanessa10566

    After I had my baby I had postpartum and it affected my relationships. The Most High has helped me discover his love and grace for me. I have peace of mind and my self esteem is higher than ever. Only Jesus!One of my favorite pastors is Joseph Prince he pointed my eyes towards Jesus!

  30. Kathy Mason

    I decided me day that I should commit suicide by cutting deeply into my veins and allowing myself to slowly die because I thought that I’ve so much wrong to certain people that I actually never have. I always beat myself up for the wrong that other people do towards me

  31. Kathy Mason

    ENTER ME! I’m actually very anti-social! When I say very, I mean abnormally anti-social! I’ve actually been sexually abused once, but never had the gut to tell anyone. I was never actually sure if I was ashamed or never thought it would affect me then as it does today. Sometimes, it’s really hard for me to talk to boys in my school. I would feel alone, but it wasn’t that no one would talk to me, it was that I would turn them away in a sense. I

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