Shock Study: Abortion Rates 4 Times Higher Among Black Teens

Shock Study:  Abortion Rates 4 Times Higher Among Black Teens

Sadly these findings are growing all over the world in the black community. A new study has revealed a high number of abortions among African-Americans teenagers. According to research conducted by the Guttmacher Institute, 41 per 1,000 women between the ages of 15-19 who have undergone procedures for abortion were African-American teens.

When compared to the rate among other racial groups, the number of abortions among black women is four times higher than that of non-Hispanic whites and twice as high the Hispanic rate. The study shows that the abortion rate among non-Hispanic whites sits at 10 per 1,000 women, while the Hispanic rate is 20 per 1,000.

The study also finds that while African-Americans make up only 13 percent of the total population, black women account for 30 percent of all abortions in America.

The report raises questions and may spawn debate about the cause behind the high abortion rate in the black community.

“There’s no definitive research that’s actually been able to answer that question,” Rachel Jones, a senior research associate at the Guttmacher Institute, tells The Daily Caller. “We just do know that African-American women, including African-American teenagers, just have more pregnancies.”

Despite the reported number of teenage pregnancies declining in every state, abortion rates are on a steady rise among communities of color in large states like Texas, New York, Ohio and Michigan.

Click here to read the full study.

What do you think the reasons are?


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