Special Giveaway Winner Announcement

Special Giveaway Winner Announcement

Phew, I was totally blown away by the Purim giveaway testimonies everyone shared, my only regret is I can’t give each of you a gift! But thank you so much to everyone who shared their touching testimonies on how The Most HIgh helped you threw a particular time in your life, I really encourage you all to read them for yourselves and be encouraged. So check the video and see who won (excuse my blubbering ;p) .

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All praises to The Most High & Yashayah x



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  1. Islandlegacy

    Can you please do more of these testimonies? I enjoyed the the ones that you talked about. It really did help me to realize that God will never leave us or forsake us. I can never get enough of the incredible works of God. The Holy Spirit is awesome. It is always a new experience when the spirit is invited in your prayer life. Please, I not telling you what to do with your channel, but I do not think that I am alone on this.

  2. KnicksThe Jewel

    @MOAMNETWORKPeeks, I am so inspired by you. I know I have been slacking when it comes to prayer and reading my bible. This video brought me to tears because I know God is so wonderful and deserves so much more praise and attention than what I have been giving him. Going to start reading my bible and praying more often. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  3. Mina Alexis

    Oh no dont cry! I remember when you only had a few views and subbies. you grew so much over night.  You are one of the people that has inspired me to come back here on YT and give it my all no matter what circumstance I am in. And Damn! so upset I missed this giveaway! I’ll make sure to catch the next one! :) Mina <3


    wow wot an amazing Message thanks so much i feel the same way, we can all learn & heal from others testimonies, thats why its great to share, we never know who needs to hear such encouragement, all the best & may the most high bless u & ur journey , keep him first xx


    gurl dont scare ur poor mum like that lol thanks so much for sharing & huge congrats sweetie may the most high bless u & ur journey , keep him first & keep learning his ways xx

  6. natali3000

    Congrats to the winner! This video was very encouraging. I’ve never met you but you have such a beautiful spirit which comes across in your videos. Keep doing what you’re doing x

  7. 1IcyBombShell

    I almost forgot.. Thank you for doing this, and you made me start tearing up. I get emotional when I see people cry! Congrats to teenie! That’s my little girls nickname!

  8. 1IcyBombShell

    OMG… I think sometimes we really forget the GOD said… He would never leave us nor forsake us. I thank him for all the testimonies, and I had to make myself stop crying! “It’s just a reminder for me” May GOD continue to use your life and testimonies for his glory! May the Lord bless you all!

  9. Mskekemichel

    Peeks. This Special Giveaway was ultra fab! I posted congratulations to the winner. Thank you for using such divine creativity with this presentation. Continued Blessings your way!

  10. Mskekemichel

    Congratulations. I think that winning this special giveaway via Peeks & MOAM Network is very divine. It is like God of Heaven is reaching out to you with a message; and that message is whatever you think it is. Also, I think the special giveaway was another opportunity to heal through telling your story. I have not posted on youtube in a VERY long time. This was my first reading and posting. God Bless you and your family!

  11. dee468

    Amazing. So inspirational. Pain is everywhere. This has inspired me to be as kind as possible regardless of what i’m having to deal with. May God give us all strength and wisdom.

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