Natural Hair Journey: My 2 Strand Twist & Cute Head Scarf Bow Tutorial

Hey guys, hope your bless. Just washed my hair and wanted to show you how I do my 2 strand twist, which is a great way to get lovely looking waves in your hair without using heat. Also gives you a nice lil break from having to de-tangle your afro, with the added bonus of being able to wear a hat for a change lol. I also show you a cute way of wearing a head scarf if your going out and helps keep twists from fraying too much. Please share your tips for a great twist out on natural hair below.

Products used:

  • afro or wide tooth comb
  • large hair bands and hair grip
  • Beautiful Textures moisture butter
  • Geseen honey hair pomade
  • head scarf and decretive clips to finish



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Hey Guys, I'm Peeqs. Love all things African and colourful, food mmm food, hot sunshine, fashion, hair, jewellery wooo just so many thaaangs ;p All praise to The Most High x

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  1. 15tintin

    omg did u say chocolate digestives? is it from “Devon” in the purplr pack i love that too i cant belive u get it out there in england ita a product of Trinidad in the Caribbean…cool :)

  2. goingnaturalfinally

    Loved it..the hair color is really cute on you :) does she workout because I need to know what she is doing to stay skinny!does anybody here want to follow my hair journey…subscribe to my channel…I can’t wait to hit the 12 month mark :)

  3. mrsmojet1

    hey Peeks, have you tried the two strand twist first, oil your hair, then wash your hair with the oil in, condition then apply leavein and moisturiser, all without taking out the two strand twist, this will give your beautiful defined curls. Promise !

  4. TriniBubaloo

    Very cute, you’ve come such a long way in your natural hair journey…I love it, and all your other ventures!! I wish I could multi task like you do, u must be knackered…lol Take care hun x

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