Just Launched New Website For “Mixed Roots™” Curly Hair Care Range

Just Launched New Website For “Mixed Roots™” Curly Hair Care Range

Hey guys, gosh I have been super busy with lots of great client work over the past few weeks. The latest project I’m super excited about is the launch of hair care range called Mixed Roots™. You may have seen me and Top Model Annaliese Dayes discuss how great the conditioner was in one of my videos ;p. The website for the brand is now launched and myself and Mr X did worked on the product photography, filmed video footage, designed the slider graphics and put the website together, it was a huge project and were super excited to see how it will grow over time.

Mixed Roots™ is a premium hair care range with 6 products to take care of every angle of your curly, kinky hair, an obvious bonus of this project was I got plenty product to try out and will be doing a full review soon, Not leaving you ladies out I will do another generous give-away so you can try for yourself (coming soon) . You should hot foot it over to their website and check it our for yourself. Its full of instructions and also videos footage on how the product works with your curly hair, its also full of great ingredients without the nasty stuff. The brand is available in many different stockists and will be available in Sainsburys and Paks.

OK, I’m off to get on with more work, no rest for the blessed as they say, all the best to you guys with your ventures.

Have you tried Mixed Roots? please drop your comments below

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