Natural Hair Journey:Afro Blow Out to Sleek length check and to Bouncy Curls

Gosh, has 2 years gone by that fast already!! I’m super excited to check the length and condition of my afro hair. I wanted to get a better idea of how the length is coming along so I decided to blow dry my hair using heat. I know this tutorial is not for everyone so use at your own discretion. I also want to get my hair trimmed to finally get the last of the relaxer out, but Its a dilemma weather to get it done professionally or myself?? hmmm. Anyhoo check our the results you can still achieve with afro hair to a sleek hairstyle. How do you guys check the length and health of your hair and have you ever trimmed your own afro hair? Drop your comments below.

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  1. Smizewithyourheart

    Congrats on your natural hair journey! I get my hair trimmed professionally every 6-8 weeks. That’s also the only time my hair is´╗┐ straightened. I would suggest not going longer than 12 weeks without a trim. You are able to style you hair better.

  2. Vanessa P

    Going to´╗┐ be in London next week. I would love it if you can recommend a natural salon to help me finish taking out about 80 sister locks while I am there.

  3. Sarita S

    Hey Peeks! The results for your hair turned out great. You should invest in a flat iron that has a temperature gauge on the handle. I am glad you used a heat protectant on your hair. Too many people forget this´╗┐ critical step. I would go to a professional salon and have the ends trimmed. It can be challenging to trim your ends on your own especially the back area of your hair. Be sure the salon you select actually has beauticians who are not lazy and care about providing quality hair care.

  4. Arthurene James

    Fabulous look! You’ve come a long way. I’m looking forward to my length check now. Thanks for being such a beautiful inspiration. I haven’t used any heat in a couple of years, but when I do I will use a heat protectant like you did. Keep up the good´╗┐ work!

  5. melizabethturner

    Love the hair, I only use heat about 2 or 3 times a year. I’ve been natural for 2.5 years´╗┐ and its definitely a journey. I usually have my stylist trim it every four months, but as of late she’s been chopping too much in my opinion and it feels like its at a stand still. My preference is curly hair, but I love mixing it up. Can’t wait until Oct. and I can see what the U.K. Offers in black hair products!

  6. TheEeve1004

    I wouldn’t advice you to cut your own hair. When I decided to cut my ends, I ended up cutting much more than a trim and it was very uneven. Unfortunately I had to visit a professional and more hair was removed.´╗┐

  7. DearBemo

    typically I would say trim it yourself,´╗┐ but I think you should get those damaged ends cut by a professional who knows what they are looking for..

  8. curliefro

    Peeps, your hair looks great! Just do medium size twists on your afro hair and trim the ends that look thinner (approx 1/2 inch) or you can use tension to pull´╗┐ the hair taut and take off 1/2 an inch. I haven’t used heat to straighten my hair in 4 to 5 years – just to much time…..

  9. Dima Hendricks

    Hey Peeks! Looks good. I would´╗┐ say go to the hair dresser and get the works done. (Make sure you trust them) Treat yourself. Plus if you have a really good hairdresser he/she can give you a really good treatment to protect your hair.

  10. scifipink

    I would say´╗┐ trim it yourself. You can tell a hairdresser how much you want off but they’ll just ignore you and whack off instead of trimming. They’ll use an excuse like oh the ends were really split and destroy your progress so far. Your hair look gorgeous! I’m not against heat but my hair has really gotten stronger and healthier so far without it. I’m 5 months into my journey and getting good results. However I’ll do what you did on my yearly length check. Thanks Peeks for the tutorial;)

  11. kyena1021

    woot woot super cute, I say get it some help trimming the ends, i tried do it myself and it was short on one side and long on the other. I attend cosmetology school so i had my hair instructor fix it for me hehehe… you are amazing!!!! keep up the good work´╗┐ and stay blessed.

  12. aluubaluu

    I’d say go to a´╗┐ hairdresser but also make sure you tell them how much you want to cut off, they can get overexcited with the cutting. You look gorgeous!

  13. Nick Step

    Congrats on your´╗┐ progress I did not want to use heat until I felt that my hair could handle it I am still a little nervous but I am not against it. You look great and congrats again. I will be 1 year natural in August and I am really excited.

  14. nicolerenee7

    I’m not against using heat, I just don’t use it because I am lazy! I know it will take well over 3 hours for´╗┐ me to straighten and I´╗┐ just cannot. By the way, you’re real good with that flat iron!

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