Visual Orgasm: Wow, Amazing Shoes By Youngwon Kim

Visual Orgasm: Wow, Amazing Shoes By Youngwon Kim

Wow how amazing are these crazy but fab shoes by fashion designer Youngwon Kim! For a graduate the future sure is bright for this talented designer.

Interested in pushing the boundaries of form, the collection was created with the intention of producing new visual, technical and functional forms in new footwear designs.  The heel part of the shoes is customizable, enabling the changing of heels, while a leather layering technique was utilized on the upper shoe.  The designer says, “living in the era of post-postmodernism with a number of much cherished and memorable designs, it is my personal aim to design one that will last through time with its beauty intact.”

Fashion Masters Graduate Youngwon Kim_black Fashion Masters Graduate Youngwon Kim2 Fashion Masters Graduate Youngwon Kim4 Shoe-Designs-From-Youngwon-Kim Shoe-Designs-From-Youngwon-Kim1 Fashion Masters Graduate Youngwon Kim3


Wonder how they feel on the feet after a long night out!!! ;]  Would you rock these shoes? drop your comment below.

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