Red Alert: Slimming Stripes Summer Maternity Lookbook

Red Alert: Slimming Stripes Summer Maternity Lookbook

So, its my new challenge to find maternity wear that is still fitting with my personality, fun, colourful and complimentary….not forgetting comfortable ;p So whilst the sun is shining,this outfit was perfect for that. The stripes I found made my bump look less visible, especially from the front, and the shape of the dress also was complimentary to the waist line and a lil flairy  giving it a fun edge and keeps you cool, even though its hot, your body temperature is hotter still with the body heat of your baby too!


What I love about the sandals, it gives your feet a lovely breeze to a hot swelling foot hahah as well as this george neon green with gold chain detail, accessories for your feet! Paired up with my vintage round travel bag and accessories to suit. Summer, fly and ready to go. I have a video lookbook coming soon.


How do you keep your personality whilst choosing your maternity wear? Please share your comment below x


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Hey Guys, I'm Peeqs. Love all things African and colourful, food mmm food, hot sunshine, fashion, hair, jewellery wooo just so many thaaangs ;p All praise to The Most High x

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    1. Post author

      why thank u daahling ;p lol enjoying playing around to see what works x what did u find most comfy or flattering to wear whilst pregnant?

  1. mixedraceghanagirl

    hi peeks, you look amazing as usual. love that red and white stripped dress along with the green footwear. i would never of put the two colours together. but i am now going to go and look for a pair. hehe. so pleased for you and mr x with the pregnancy. good luck with the rest of your pregnancy too. doesn’t look like you need any luck tho you look GORGEOUS. so glad you put this new channel up. loving it more than the other one.hehe.

    1. Post author

      its crazy wot works together sometimes! lol so happy u enjoy the new channel, bit more fun & intimate, loads to come so drop by often missy ;p xx & thanks so much for the well wishes all welcome ;]

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