Pregnancy Tips & Baby Advice From My Good Friend

We all know its a beautiful blessing to have a child, but not every experience is smooth. My Friend Kully who I’ve known since school days, had a wee meet up when I was in Scotland. She shares her tips and advice after having 2 kids herself and what we can learn from her journey.

Are you a mum? What was your experience or tips you can share for new mums? Please share in a comment below thanks you.

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  1. Niamirismom

    Yea! Whoo hoo! A baby Peeks is coming! I feel like a proud Auntie, I’ve been following you for so long! LOL! Advice? Rest now and jump into motherhood with both feet first! Enjoy the successes and the failures! Make your own positive memories and don’t listen to every piece of advice! Filter! Pray like crazy. Cherish every minute! I pray it’s a girl so we can see all the super cute hairstyles and clothes! Blessings and I pray you have a fun, healthy, heartburn-free pregnancy, love!

  2. Brittany Glasper

    Congrats!!! Im 7months right now n this is my first. Im having a boy his name is Kamryn :). When i found out i was 6 weeks n just made it to 20 n i was upset n depress for multiple reasons. The first 2-4 months was pretty bad because i was really sick with a bad cough n threw up a lot always was in pain. But me n my fiance got threw it. U just gotta take care of urself, dont stress, sleep as much as u can lol, n take it a day at a time.  i know all the sickness, pain, aggravation is worth it :)

  3. Kimberly Taylor

    I Promise I was thinking to myself a few days ago before I looked at a video and found out you was pregnant. I was thinking you would really look adorable pregnant. It was a weird thought though.


    wow gurl u been busy ;p u must have plenty tips to share pls leave them on my website for us newbie mums. did u have natural births & what is a must to invest in at early baby stages that will last? thanks xx

  5. Maame Joses

    Congratulations! I am a single mum based in Holland. My daughter is 6. Remember 3 things. 1. Time really, really flies. Choose hugs over doing the dishes. 2. Sleep is your best friend, get as much as you can. 3. Keep doing what makes you happy, it’s the best vibe for your baby. I wish you all the best. Xxx Maame

    1. Post author

      hey maame, thanks so much, i deffo hear u on the sleep lol, pls keep sharing ur stories and suggestions, what are ur tips for a good nights sleep with a big belly?? lol my prob atm xx

      1. Maame

        Oh, sleeping with a big belly…lol! It’s all coming back to me, haha! I remember using a special long pregnancy cushion. You lie on your side and sort of hug it, also with your knees. I was so ill during my pregnancy, I was up most the night . ( Don’t worry, it was a rare condition) So I’m afraid there wasn’t much comfortable night rest. But the special pillow helped. I guess everyone has to find out which position works best for her, so maybe try different things. ‘Horlicks’ mixed with hot chocolate is a lovely sleepy drink before bedtime. If I think of anything else I’ll post it. Good night! Xxx

        1. Post author

          yeah its called a maternity pillow, was looking at getting one the other day! i tried the horlicks with overtone, bought em cause they had folic acid ;] was quite nice thanks xx

  6. prettikitti

    I wish you all the best on this beautiful journey! You’ve got a lovely spirit and I know that you’ll be an awesome mother. Don’t be afraid and just keep your focus on God and know that He has you and your little one in the palm of His hand. You’ll be just fine. It shall all be well. Jer 29:11. Much love :)

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