OMG What’s That Smell?? Pregnancy Nose! Top 6 Tips To Relieve Morning Sickness

OMG What’s That Smell?? Pregnancy Nose! Top 6 Tips To Relieve Morning Sickness

Pregnancy symptoms…sensitive nose smells!

One of the first signs I think back to after finding out I was pregnant was how the heck it messes with your sense of smell. I felt like things smelt stronger and also made me feel kind of queasy. Huge clue if you have not yet found out your are pregnant and are experiencing this strange new phenomenon!

I use to love the smell of my washing up powder, peppermint tea, certain products, perfumes and food, but then that all changed… I wanted to throw up at these evil smells. I even had a mint plant in the house and had to throw it away because I actually felt like I was developing a phobia!! What is going on?? blame your hormones ladies or to be specific oestrogen. This can make every little scent that wafts your way feel like an all-out assault on your nostrils and can send you head first to the toilet!

Thankfully,  for me I just had horrible queasiness but not actual sickness (praise the most high lol), don’t get me wrong, I came very close on quite a few occasions but I learned a few tips I will share with you I feel stopped me from tipping over the edge.

  1. If you feel like your going to be sick, don’t give into the feeling. Stop what your doing and take deep slow breaths till it subsides and tell yourself your OK, its passing, your going to be fine. Positive affirmations and encouragement are a must, this is my top tip of all! 
  2. If smells trigger you, avoid these at all cost, especially if your out and about, this will stop embarrassment of you heaving over someones shoes ;p And ask those around you to be careful with things that may trigger if you are visiting your peoples or you now hate your mans aftershave etc they will understand at this point and hopefully accommodate without feeling offended.
  3. If your mouth begins to water with the sickness feeling drink some water, eat a sweet or something that takes away the feeling (another great help for me & a tip from Mr X)
  4. Get some fresh air, rest or lie down if you feel the overwhelming sickness feeling. I rocked gently back and forth whilst lying down till the feeling left.
  5. Take it easy in the beginning if you can, you’ll be surprised just how much your body is actually doing even though nothing is visible pregnancy wise at this stage.
  6. If travelling, be sure to be next to a window for the cool breeze, also speed bumps were horrid so perhaps bring a cushion to sit of if you can (you may get strange looks on public transport lol) and continue with deep breaths.

So ladies this is what helped me not reach dreaded morning sickness, phew. If you have some tips on what you did to get you over this stage  (it does eventually pass hoorahy!) please share them below and help a poor mummy to be cope. xx


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  1. Colleen

    I was just like you. Had lots of queasiness, but never actually got sick. I had to give away some favorite body wash and lotion and ordered hubby to put his funky shoes outside on several occasions!! LOL

    1. Post author

      hahah funky shoes, poor guy, did u manage to use the body wash stuff after or do the things that make u queasy always stay even after giving birth? just wondered if it temporary or permanent. x

      1. Colleen

        Good question. I actually continued hating it after giving birth. It was like it brought back bad memories of queasiness or something! LOL

          1. Colleen

            Well that is probably for the best actually. I’m not sure if you plan on breastfeeding ( you definitely should if you can), but mint is one of the herbs that is known to decrease milk supply. That is the LAST thing you want to drink when nursing. LOL. All the best!

  2. Nicole

    Bless you babes! Lol… My sympathies! Smells used to make me absolutely green. Try ginger biscuits or ginger beer, or ginger anything… for some reason it zaps morning sickness in a flash. Good luck and lots of love from all at Mixed Roots xxx

    1. Post author

      heeey, thanks nicole & Mixed Roots team, i use to luv ginger tea but that went out the window :[ may try again but thanks for sharing ur tips and ur lovely ,msg mwah xx

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