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Dude, let me tell ya, when your in your third trimester of pregnancy, you question what your mind and body is capable of and if you should carry on working. Also being a first time mum you don’t know what to expect. So here is what I found out about working in an active and intense environment in my third trimester.

If you are in the last stages of pregnancy did you continue to work , if so what are your tips? Or if not why not? Please share your story in the comments for us ladies x

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  1. bravechild

    Hello Peeks, I’m currently 37 weeks. I am still working, and would till the D-day. Well i’m a bit different because i work from home doing online customer services for a major retailer, so maybe my work doesn’t really count. as work. lol
    Despite, i am still very mobile, i still go to the shops everyday, in and out buying baby stuff, window shopping, shopping for food, and for exercise sake, i now take the bus and walk everywhere. it takes twice as long, and walking is very awkward, and some people give me strange looks, but i endure till the every end, lol, there is still loads to do!! if i don’t do it, i cant trust my partner to do it the way i like, I only save him for the heavy lifting, and brining me breakfast in bed, lol.

    1. Post author

      bless u hun its great to b able to work from home, so happy u have a supportive husband, u must have had baby now how was ur experience? keep me posted and may u be blessed in ur new journey congrats mwah xx

  2. Colette Taylor

    Its amazing just seeing the whole pregancy process. Girl I am dodging it for as long as I can til hubby put his foot down lol. What will be interesting is seeing how you balance motherhood and work. I

    1. Post author

      girl i would do it while ur young & fit!! lol im deffo gonna b interested to see that too, i will keep u posted, so blessed & grateful for Mr X, he’s been amazing x

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