Going to be a Mum? Myths of Balancing your Career Busted!!

So many people are happy for you when you tell them your pregnant.…but then you get some of the negative people who make comments like, oh your life is over now, or you cant do that now your a mum! Well there are plenty successful women out there who would say otherwise. Meet Marie from Storm Empowerment. She is one of our clients for a few years now, has 6 kids and her business has gone from strength to strength. She shared her wisdom and advise , and still managed to have a successful career as you can see in the video.


For the working mums out there, what are your tips for staying on top of your career, or balancing work like with home life? Please share in the comments below.



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  1. Stacy lynch

    Hi peeks I wanted to share my pregnancy story with you. I gave birth to my son on 9/13/13 which was Friday the 13th. A day which is said to be bad luck. Well on the same day giving birth I was loosing my only child to leukemia. See I had a 16 year old daughter who on October 13th 2011 was diagnosed with leukemia she was a very positive and upbeat kid and lived life to the fullest she was my only child until I suddenly became pregnant with my son which wasn’t planned at all. See her cancer had came out of remission after only 3 months and she was re-diagnosed on December 28 last year. When I found out I was pregnant in late January I really had no time to really celebrate the pregnancy as I was fighting to save her life. As the months rolled on and we went from treatment to treatment and hospital stays that last a month or more at a time being pregnant was the last thing that was on my mind. I tried my best to eat when possible and get little rest as I was still working as well and running back and forth to the hospital with her. I believe that being active and motivated while pregnant keeps you healthy and ready for the journey to come. My beautiful daughter lost her battle 10 hours after my son was born she really wanted to see her brother, and she did. I now have a new life to celebrate as god did not leave me without a child he knew my heart and knew that if I had something that my little girl would be ok and I would be too, as I am not alone. She started following you when we came back from our trip to London in 2011 right after she was diagnosed and I was so happy to learn that you were pregnant. Keep up the hard work and you can do anything through Christ who strengthens us. Love yuh peeks… Keep making videos.

    1. Post author

      wow wot a testimony hun, thanks for sharing something so personal, i really appreciate & admire ur attitude & faith for all u have been through. Wot a blessing to have such precious moments no matter how short we think it may be,I’m so happy she got her wish 2 c her lil brother! the memories will last a lifetime & touch many others who have been through testing times and c they can still remain positive & not loose faith. U sound like a wonderful mum to have & we can all learn from ur strength, the most high is certainly blessing u as u never lost faith & thankfulness in him, which shows us all wot a wonderful God we serve when we remain humble & faithful, and keep putting our best foot forward no matter how tough it seems, believe me i know first hand! may ur journey be full of more wonderful blessings and continue to b a light & example unto others. thanks for ur continued support

      may the most high bless u sis xx

  2. NaturallyKhenti11

    Congratulations to you!!! Peace and positivity to you and the little one…it doesn’t matter how many women have children NOONE can tell you how YOUR experience will be as a mom…Enjoy be blessed and continue to move forward in your life. Peace and love sis ; ) +MOAMNETWORK

  3. Kerry Berry

    Oh Peeks. So true, never be deterred by the limitations of others. I had two children by the time I was 22 and they were born 20 months apart. I had always aspired to be a lawyer and many told me that it would be near impossible. However, when my youngest was one I started university, I then put myself through law school and by the grace of God I now work for the law practice I used to walk past and think “gosh I wish I worked there”. My children are now 10 and 12. They are amazing people. I will never listen to any negative comments people say to make excuses or limit themselves. Blessings to you xxxx

  4. curliefro

    Surround yourself with positive people at this time – don’t need stressful thinking during your pregnancy. I’ve seen many successful women have children and career. Look at Hilary Clinton-LOL!

  5. DanelleHarvey

    What a great message you give out! I can’t believe that people can say that anyone’s life is over due to having a child. Your life isn’t over unless you choose it to be. Your client’s advice was spot on. Just get on with it and enjoy the amazing journey. It’ll fly by! I personally couldn’t not work. It isn’t in my nature. Having someone to raise responsibly made me even more motivated. I had to elevate mine and my child’s life. I’m from London. I raised my daughter and continued a career in the music industry. I was also able to run my own businesses while raising her. I started other businesses during that time, worked and studied throughout. I was determined to give her the best, along with the best start despite adverse situations, so I organised my life specifically in order to be able to spend the important times (her childhood and teenage years) with her while she grew up. I did adapt my life a little and walked away from a large record deal but I am proud of that choice to this day. Staying in it would have meant crucial time away from her and I am all she has. I am her only family member. I never stopped working and honestly it was day and night, but I always had time for her, her studies and well being. We’re best friends! She has grown up now and is in Uni. I ask her honestly how she felt about me working, studying and building a career while raising her. She says it inspired her to achieve and work hard. Although she had a great start, she isn’t complacent. I believe you can only be yourself, and that will make you happy and fulfilled which will ultimately impact your child/children in a positive way. Shine on you beautiful lady!

  6. thumphrey971

    Hi Peeks I’m 32 and 3 kids aged 1,3 and 5. I work full time as a Business Manager and I am also studying for an MBA. Get good childcare be clear on your aim. Be easy on yourself and the time you spend with you children should be based on quality time

  7. Layeeefa

    It’s very true that your dreams n goals don’t have to end once you’ve had a baby. But please don’t be naive your life will change. It’s all about embracing it and adapting to the change. I’m a mum with a 14 month old n about to have my second baby by the end of this month. I have a little business on the side and honestly the only way I get things done is with less sleep. I’ve cut my sleeping hours down and I work when my baby is napping. The rest is a MIRACLE but it gets done.

  8. NaturallyTeenieSweets

    There are great things in store for you and your family… if one door closes God will surely open another. He has the last say so. Peeks you are a great role model and inspiration to many through your words alone. Keep moving forward.

  9. MartiMcFli

    Life won’t over honestly….you just have to keep your drive and stayed focus…but i won’t lie you will lose sleep but that just means your living so that’s just fine

  10. animegirl5250

    Hey Peeks! Don’t listen to those negative people who live and thrive off of negativity. God has a special plan for all of us and each path is different but in all thing we grow and become better people. May God bless you, Mr. X and your beautiful bundle of joy 😀

  11. S Naprika

    I got similar comments when I said I wanted to go back to uni. I was told my life wld need to stop over the yrs as I wld be broke all the time. The stress. Grante, money is tight but I get by with what I need. Like Motherhood maybe, you will adjust but your life shouldn’t grind to a halt. It just changes

  12. Angelita Mahoney

    Life is not over..its just beginning. New boundle of joy.. that will make u work even harded.. it’s not that hard to goggle your career and family..just be passionate about both and God will open up so many doors for you..

  13. Gathonination

    Gosh I needed to hear this! I also run a business and have been so scared of starting a family, its good to know that there are people who are managing family and business! thank you for airing this

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