Lets Talk Epidural, Pros & Cons, Should you, Shouldn’t You??

As part of my anti-natal classes, the topic of having an epidural as a form of pain relief was discussed. I know that I want a natural birth as i’m sure many women do. But what of an epidural, should you or shouldn’t  you, what are the pros and cons?  I found out at my class.

Have you had an epidural as pain relief for giving birth? Did you regret it, was there any side effects or are you totally against it altogether? Please share your story below mwah x

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  1. bravechild

    I plan to have a natural birth. A friend had an epidural when she had hers, and complained of headaches that lasted till almost 10 days later. She was told that the hole in the spinal membrane had to heal. She didn’t really regret per say, but would have liked to be alert for when baby came out, and baby was really really really more than usual, too sleepy to feed and all that.

    1. Post author

      deffo go without the epidural if u can, i didnt take anything, i used pressure points of the knees to deal with pain, will update in new vids i will b doin, how u gettin on hun, huge congrats & blessings x

      1. ena

        thanks for asking, i’m great, has my baby boy on xmas day, 3weeks and counting now, i love him to bits, if only he can tell me why he cries! lol

        1. Post author

          huge congrats to u hun, wot a joy, i will share something that helped me understand a babies cries, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9mH83KM-fo, search dunstan baby language for more videos, really helped when he was uncomfortable and had wind etc, after these cues u will begin to figure out wot ur baby is telling u, all the best sis and keep me posted mwah xx

  2. Tee

    Hey Peeks! Loving these videos btw!!! Never commented but been a regular since last year! After having three kids two pregnancies, I would say have the epidural. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HAVING IT!!! yeah you will itch afterwards and it will be uncomfortable, but you really wanna make this as easy as possible on yourself imo! However, I have always loved those peaceful birth arenas with the water, etc. So it really is up to you…I had c-sections. So to each is own…Also yes breastfeed. I did not with my twins and I did with my youngest and there is a difference, so I would strongly advise that. you will see it is very convenient! Easy as pie once you get the hang of it… you are going to be a great mom! PLEASE keep doing what you do. I love your energy and you are a rockstar at my house. My three girls and I love your show!!
    Congrats to you and the mister x

    1. Post author

      hey tee, aww thanks so much, make sure u say hiiii to ur lovely daughters ;p thanks for the advice, wot would u say was the difference regarding breastfeeding that was better for your children & how long did u do it for? bless u hun & thanks so much for ur support mwah xx

  3. Quita

    I had an epidural as the last resort when I had my first son two years ago. Like you, I wanted a completely natural childbirth. However, with my mother in law in the room and me thinking about how would my husband react if I showed how much pain I was really in and the look on my face was not how I was really feeling, I decided to go ahead with the epidural. I didn’t regret anything but being confined to the bed right after my son was born. It wasn’t too bad, but I didn’t like the catheter in the end. This time, I will be trying to go completely natural (not even the systemic medication) when I have my child in February.

  4. Jennifer S.

    I was planning on having an epidural, but by the time it came to having the baby, I was too far along and baby boy was crowning! I gave birth on 11/12 and not even a week later, I’m walking around and have people asking me if I’m sure I gave birth! I will plan on going natural for all my births, as long as there are no complications.

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