Final Prep For The Big Day: What’s In My Hospital Bag & My Birthing Partner Sister

So we are drawing to the final hour woops!!! My big sister Lucy has come from Scotland to be my birthing partner along with hubby Mr X. Were hoping he arrives before she leaves!! Also  I will show you guys what’s in my hospital bag all packed and ready to go. I have a birthing plan and I prepped my sister on all the things we would like to happen during the birth.

How did you prepare for your birth, what was in your bag that you found helpful and how did you prep your birthing partner. Please share your story below mwah xx




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  1. Crystal

    Hello Peeks,
    I never really comment on anything, but I just wanted to know that I think you are absolutely wonderful! I started following you as you were transitioning and I’ve been a faithful follower ever since. You are my favorite person to follow online!! I love your style, energy, and spirit. I’m so happy with everything you have accomplished and are getting ready to accomplish. Especially being a mom!! You’re going to be a great mother, your son is one lucky kid!! I have two myself, 9 and 16 months (my husband already wants another one) and I love every second of being a mother. I have my days when I wanna tear a few strands of hair out, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!!! =) My daughter is trying to type with me as I type this message!! Congrats again!! Life is just getting better and better.. Enjoy the ride!! =)

    1. Post author

      bless u hun tahnsk for the beautiful msg bless u hun b as fruitful as u can epec if u hav the support of a husband thats a true blessing in this day, pls share ur tips & keep me posted on ur growing family, may u continue to be blessed mwah xx

  2. Tchade

    Hi Peeks
    I have been following you for a while now, and totally adore your videos and posts.
    I delivered my baby boy 5 months ago. And as you, it is my first baby, and I thought that I would not have enough milk after birth. The truth is that nature is amazing! At birth, the baby stomach is of a size of a pea, therefore whatever colostrum you produce at the moment will be just enough to nourish your little one. The more you breastfeed in those initial hours, the more milk you produce (demand-supply). Your milk will come in a few days later (you will experience the engorgement), so do not worry about giving baby formula milk, because that would decrease the demand and jeopardize your own milk supply. I thought this little side note would help!
    I wish you a safe and amazing delivery! May God bless your beautiful new family!
    Motherhood is incredible! And you as well will surrender to its beauty!


    1. Post author

      hey tchade, lovely name ;]. thanks so much for the tips & prayer, congrats to u & ur new addition, may u also be blessed, pls keep me posted & feel free to share more tips as u go along on ur journey xx

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