Going Back To My Roots: Starting A Natural Afro Hair Journey Story

Going Back To My Roots: Starting A Natural Afro Hair Journey Story

Well as you peeps know, I started my natural hair journey almost three years ago!!! wow how the time flies. My only regret is i didnt start sooner ;] Anyhoo I am happy to introduce you guys to my sister Lucy, she was also encouraged and inspired to start her natural hair journey also. here is her guest post about how she feels to be on the natural hair journey.

Hi blogging world I’m another gal who has decided to wean myself off of hair relaxer and see what my natural hair actually looks like. I know other races can’t even imagine that statement of, not knowing what your hair in its natural state looks like and how you have to rethink about managing and styling it.

natural hair journey 2

I got sick of having to relax it every 3 months and no matter what kind of relaxer I used no lye or kids ones my scalp always felt like it was burning so never went to a salon to get it done as the thought of lax salon staff and not being able to get it off quick enough filled me with dread.

natural hair journey afro

I’m now 2 years post relaxer and past the withdrawals in the detox stage he he. I kept seeing females with luscious curl and though to myself why not see how yours turns out. To make sure I didn’t relapse I have used different braiding styles to help me get some length to my hair. At the minute in my transition I have 2 hair type textures as I haven’t had my hair cut since I started this journey so having to get creative with my hairdo’s.

natural hair journey 1

Now is the perfect time for you to do it as there are so many produce, hair accessories styling tools and technique along with an array of natural bloggers to help you along the way. If I can do it then anyone can after all it was the hair you were born with so lets show the world what we’ve been depriving them and ourselves of!

natural hair journey afro


Ae you thinking of starting a natural hair journey? What are your reasons or fears? please share your story in the comments ;]


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