My Horror Hospital Birthing Experience!! (Full Length)

As you may know by following my  pregnancy diary, I recently gave birth to a beautiful son. BUT what you don’t know is the horrendous hospital experience we unfortunately went through. To all the ladies out there about to give birth or thinking of starting or extending their family please watch both my video and MR X ‘s video for the full story  as we would like you to be informed of what you may encounter during delivering your child. You and who you take to be your birthing partner could make all the difference…find out why


what was your birthing experience, were you pressured with intervention? please share your story below so we can all be informed x


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  1. April

    Hello peeks – I saw your video online, and believe me, I know just what you are talking about! This is my fourth pregnancy – two were hospital, and I regretted both! This time is midwife and birth center for sure. You might search you tube for Rikki Lake – the business of birthing – there you will find insight into how this tend developed here in America – bet it’s a similar situation there, too – doctors are there if something goes wrong, and thank goodness they are there if something DOES go wrong, but they are largely unfamiliar with natural birth – what a difference it makes, for Mom, for baby – I know, I have had all natural, completely numbed/pitocin, and just pitocin with no pain relief! Check it out – love your channel!

  2. Theresa

    Where did your birth take place? Your story is incredible. So proud for your determination and your courage in sharing.

    1. Post author

      hey theresa, thanks so much, i wont name the hospital but the awareness of what is happening and for others to be vigilant is more important in hopes it helps someone else

  3. ena

    Oh Peeks, that was awful, its uncanny how the health care system in the developed world is similar, even in germany (from an earlier post). You had your baby in London, i had mine in Milton Keynes, but it appears the care system is the same, the hospitals dont deviate at all.
    My birth almost turned into a horror, was it not for my self awareness.
    During pregnancy, i had taught myself hypnobirthing, and also practised other birthing techniques, i downloaded every app and podcast that would help me understand the process of Labour, I came to understand that I must trust my body and my baby knows how to be born, i was having a hospital birth, but i wanted it to be a water birth, or a natural one without any intervention.
    Because i was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 28weeks, i was told when i was 37 weeks that i must come in to be induced, i refused this, and disagreed with the 2 doctors and their senior consultant who made me feel i was being negligent and risking having a still birth. I was horrified, because i was controlling my diabetes with exercise and diet, and from research, i am not more at risk that a woman who did not have diabetes giving birth. I insisted on having baby come when ready.
    However, the choice was taken from me, when at 39 weeks, i called in the labour ward because my water has trickled out for 2 days and I didnt feel any contractions, i didnt want to risk baby having an infection, so i went in.
    Because it was 24th, not a lot of midwives were around, I had to be induced, my partner was asked to go home and come back in the morning, i was given a pessary, and left overnight to see if contractions will start, i was also attached to the fetal monitor to check baby’s heart beat, so good so far, i started contracting after midnight, and it was very irregular.
    But in the morning, i was told that the baby’s heart was dropping with my irregular contractions, and the midwife called in a doctor, and they talked quietly, and 10mins later, someone came to fit me with a cannula, that is the great tubular needle to have drips of oxytocin to induce labour.
    I was scared, no one asked me or discussed anything with me, my partner was not there yet, no one cared what i put in my birth plan, i dont think it was read at all, i was moved to another part of the labour ward, i refused food or drink as i was told that i may be having a emergency section. However, i was strong, i carried on breathing through the very intense contractions, i kept reciting my positive affirmations to myself, and at some point, my partner came in, he was surprised i was hooked up to drips of antibiotics and oxytocin, i was told to keep still on the bed, but i refused, i asked for the drips to be put on a mobile unit so i could walk about, or squat or use the birth ball, it was a fight, they refused me these things, thank gawd i had my own birth ball in the car, my husband went to get it, i upset them because the belt around my bump kept slipping off, and they wanted me to keep still. I knew that induction is the gate way to having more escalated interventions, and i was told i must have a c-section as the heart rate kept dropping.
    I compromised by haring them attach the monitor to the top of the baby’s head and they put in a long lead, so i could move from one side of the bed to another, and a midwife, being impressed with my breathing thru the contractions without screaming, brought a birth chair, one with a hole in the middle.
    At some point, i could not hear what was going on around, me, several people will come in and tell me that they are concerned about the baby heart rate dropping, and i will need to sign a consent form for the c-section, i think its unfair that when women are in pain and vulnerable, they try to pressure them into doing necessary procedures, i was asked several times to take the epidural, but i refused, because i knew that this would be the next step into getting what they wanted as i would no longer feel my contractions, and would now be guided by them, at some point, when someone spoke to me, i pointed to my partner as i could no longer trust myself to speak coherently, i needed the rest of my mental consciousness to remain strong and focused on my natural birth.
    I had told my partner beforehand that under no circumstances was he to consent to any other intervention, i was having the baby naturally, bless him, because he couldn’t bear to see me in pain, i took gas and air to help me with the contractions, at some point, i was forced back to the bed, they put on compression socks, changed my pj’s into the hospital gown, bustling about getting my bed ready to move, because i was only 2 cm dilated, and the baby wasn’t moving with the contractions, i was sooo scared, my partner was worried, and i refused to let go, i convinced a doctor, that since baby’s heart beat was returning to normal after contractions, i still had a better chance of pushing the baby out.
    I kept breathing, believing in my body, trusting my baby knew the way out, before i knew it, i had the urge to bear down, i was suddenly 6 cm dilated, suddenly, they could see baby’s head, they still wanted me on my back, i refuse, i went on my hands and knees on the bed, didnt want them to get a chance to say the baby was in a bad position.
    Peeks, i pushed my baby out, after being in labour about 7 hours, i bled a lot during the pushing stage, so they did not even wait for me to birth the placenta naturally, the injection was put in my thigh almost, immediately. I wanted my partner to cut the cord, but they took baby away, and put him in one of those glass cases and i screamed, i want my baby in the room with me, i was wild eyed with fear, anger, and the midwives didnt want to mess with me, so they did their procedures in the room, and i had him on my chest within 10mins.
    It occurred to me that if my partner and i did not remain strong, we would have given in. Because it was xmas day as well, the midwives and doctors had shorter shifts so i mist have been attended to by 6-8 different people that day, with each one trying to get me to give in.
    I agree that we women need to educate ourselves, ignorance is no longer bliss, and fight their system with enlightenment, i think they only took me seriously because i did not object blindly, i did so with knowledge and trusting my body and baby, and approaching labour without fear.
    Oh Gawd, i meant this to be, But God is good, Praise be to him, i can say it is well only because of him.

    1. Post author

      MY GOSH! im alomost in tears reading ur story, how dare they do this thing to women,!! it makes me so mad, im sooo happy u stuck to ur guns, all praise to the most high indeed for ur testimony, it now occurs to me birthing is part of the battle next is many other things, thats why we muuuuust educate ourselves on health, diet, natural prevention and treatment, how can we trust when they dont respect our wishes or rights! bless u for sharing such a story so happy u had ur husband there, keep the most high first on everything and if u have more dont let them scare u, u could even try a home birth and your birth went fast girl ur prayers worked, i also did that prep like u did beforehand, wow did it help, we have to get back to knowledge, pls keep sharing with other ladies so they don’t have to b forced into such a situation as they next might not be as strong through lack of knowledge, bless u & ur family xx

  4. Lilli

    Dear Peeks,

    I am so touched from your video, I really have to leave this reply. I am 23 years old and living in Germany and I want to tell you my story:

    What you said in this video was really the same I went through 4 years ago.
    But the difference was, that I was alone, and after almost 3 days (!) of labor (no sleep, no food, the doctors said: “don’t move!” and the bed was so uncomfortable) they pushed me so much and I was so down, alone, and full of fear (the doctors said: “your baby will die!”) I let them do a c-section.
    I think you are one of the few persons on earth who know how I felt in this moment.
    This was total horror. The c-section was total horror. The birth was total horror. (And thats so sad because my daughter is such a wonderful child and they ruined our special first moment.)
    After that no one understood my feelings: “Why are you sad, your baby is fine!”
    They didn’t understand what they have taken from me…

    Now I am pregnant again (25 weeks) and I am married now to the most strong and powerful and wonderful man on earth, and I will not go through this horror again, I swear.

    I am thinking about not going to any hospital, just going to my doctor (she is really near to our home) and than go back home, if everything is alright.
    My husband is from Kamerun. I was in Kamerun for some time and I had the luck to participate the birth of a child there. It is totally different from my experience I had made in Germany. They are giving support to the mother an no doctor would ever do anything against the mothers will.

    So, Peeks, thank you so much for sharing your story. It helps me so much, I cannot tell. I am still criying writing these lines…
    Thank God every day for your husband and your sister, that they stand by your side in the darkest hours and that they protected you from this c-section.

    I am praying to God every day, that everything will be fine with my little second child and that I will have a natural birth, which gives me the possibility to have more children in future.
    I will fight for this right.

    Thank you so much.


    1. Post author

      gurl u came through it, wot a lessing to have the most high on our side, you did so well to go through 3 days!!! on your own wow! don’t underestimate at all wot u did, this is why we really have to educate ourselves & not put our total trust in anyone, especially just because they have a title over their name, unfortunatly they dont all have our best interests at heart, its sad times but we must do the research, especially for things like our health & lives and family. u have been blessed with a family and another bundle on the way, and you have a strong man who will c u through, i hope u share mr x video with him,

      so glad u got to experience the birth of someone else i believe the most high was showing u that is how its suppose to be, so ur ready for the next time, we must not let them beat us from being fruitful and multiplying, we must talk and share so the next woman does not have to go through wot we did.

      please keep me posted with your new journey and birth, keep the most high first and thanks so much for sharing ur testimony mwah xx

  5. denny

    Hi Peeks, Mr X and sister! So sad to hear what a terrible time you had during your labour when it should have been the best day of your lives. These Dr’s and Midwife’s these days are useless. It comes across to me that they wanted to get you in and straight out again as soon as possible. Having a C section these days if a fashion statement. The celebs are all doing it so therefore they are trying to put it on the ordinary person like you and me. Birth is different for every woman. Me for instance was in labour with my first for four hrs whereas the last one took one minute. I did experience a bad labour with my second child. I was fully dilated and for some reason the midwife said even though I was dilated the birth is going to take forever. When she examined me for what reason I am still insure of she saw my baby’s head told me she had and then pushed the head BACK inside me. You can imagine the pain I went through. I insulted her due to this and after I gave birth she reported me to her boss who then came in the room to see me and told me I have to apologise to the midwife. I told her what the midwife had done but that was brushed under the carpet. I too am mixed race and my partner was black (seperated from him now) and she made me feel that I had taken one of her men!. She too was black. She was extremely nasty to me but was trying to flirt with him. There was a student midwife there too who stuck up for me. I was 19 at the time. This did not put me off as I refused to let it but you have to be very careful whose hands you put your life in as there are many nasty people out there who are there to look after you. Thank God you had your husband AND sister with you. You all showed them a united front and I am so proud of you all. The things they were telling you about the cord the pooh etc. Well one of my babies had the cord around his neck and another one poohed inside. But guess what Peeks, just like your little man they are just FINE. Stand your ground and believe in what you believe in and dont let anyone tell you anything different. You could have had a big scare for no reason. Thank the Lord you I all made it through this hard time. You only have better things to come now. He is a bundle of joy. I was wandering though what did the dr’s and midwifes say when they saw you had a HEALTHY baby with no thanks to them????????? Enjoy life now Peeks and Mr X.

    1. Post author

      i cant believe wot im reading, gurl u did soooo well to keep strong, how dare they tell u lies and try to push ur baby back in!!! wot is goin on in this world dam!!!! well let me tell u those doctors said NOTHING!! they saw my hubby the next day and put there heads down and kept walking, so apparently they did not have our best intentions at heart, its so saddening, so happy i did the video and how everyone is sharing, we need to educate and take the power back, bless u sis for sharing and i hope u find a worthy man for such a strong lady, congrats to u and urs mwah xx

  6. Betty

    Congratulations to you and Mr.X!!! I thank God for the wisdom, Grace and Strength that He gave you guys during that experience. I am not someone that comments but I have been following you for a while now and I was really excited to finally (lol) hear about your birthing experience and to be honest now I understand why you too your time. I watched Mr.Xs one as well and it really touched me. I’m a believer myself and I was asking myself wether a c section is godly or not because I’m due in June myself. And now I have my answer. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and thank you Mr.X for the revelation about C sections etc. I will let my husband and my birth partner watch it and even though I never considered it now I actually am thinking about birth centres because I don’t want no temptations or anything. Thank you! You guys are auch a blessing and what the enemy has planned for bad God turned it for good and is getting all the Glory out of it. God bless you xxx

    1. Post author

      were so happy the video helped u, thats why we did it, may the most high be with u both, remain strong, exercise your rights and be sure to research plenty before ur big beautiful day arrives so ur not robbed! be happy with all decisions u both make and congrats xx

  7. Jennifer S.

    I’m so sorry about the ordeal that you went through, but I’m happy to hear that you and baby are doing well. He is so handsome! And you are so correct in asking questions and sticking to what you want and what you know is right for you. It is also so wonderful to hear how your family was sticking up for you and holding on to your wishes. My birth didn’t go the way we planned either, the hospital staff was awful. So many different people came in and out of the room and I got to the point where I became frustrated with the amount of people who would come and go. I did ask for pain relief, however, I felt completely ignored and in the end, didn’t have anything, but I am so thankful that I didn’t because I have friends who gave birth and are having complications from getting the epidural. I had the same thing happen with the mid-wife at our birth. She didn’t really do much, but record the statistics on the machine. We had to ask questions as well about what they were doing/saying. I’m amazed at how often they wanted to have you go through with the cesarean! I’ve heard of hospitals pushing that so that they can quickly move on to other patients. And I hate fear mongering, the medical staff should be ashamed of themselves for trying to pressure you into something that you don’t want to do. And did they ever stop to think that the stress they were causing you, could lead to complications? When we first went in and they hooked me up to the monitors and drips, a nurse came in to draw my blood, but ended up leaving the vials by the sink! On top of that, she did such a messy job that my husband had to clean up the mess, despite asking several nurses to clean it up. I could go on and on about it, but the important thing is that we have our babies, they are happy and healthy and I know for sure how with my next birth, we are not going to the hospital if we can avoid it.

    Many blessings!

    1. Post author

      i totally agree, i may do a home birth next time, they wont put us off by causing distress! so happy it all turned out great for u both and wot a blessing for ur husband, thanks o much for haring ur story that will help others so much xx

  8. carley

    Hiya hun, terrible story. I felt like you were telling the story of my first born. I had a similar experience 6 and a half years ago with my daughter so I guess things haven’t changed much. When my waters broke they were tinged red, fine. Got to the hospital they were brown and they revealed as she has already pooped in my womb she must be running out of oxygen. They flung all these forms in my face for a C-Section i was so overwhelmed and upset and they said if i didn’t sign she would quickly die. They rushed me to get prepared with an epidural and as soon as that was injected my daughter started to get into position to make her way out so they rush me back to my original room and told me i will have to soon start pushing. However she then decided to take her time bless her and i couldn’t feel any contractions due to the epidural so i was hooked up to all sorts of monitors to see what was happening. Eventually after an hour they told me to start pushing when I was ready – which wasn’t very helpful! I started pushing and they would stop me randomly and say ‘No, wait for a contraction’ (which i couldn’t feel!) It was so stressful. Anyway eventually i did end up pushing her out fine and she didn’t need any special care or attention but they kept us both in for observation for the night and we got discharged the next day.
    Awful experience especially with different doctors, students and midwives coming in and out it didn’t feel like the experience i had hoped for at all! I was so glad when i just got home with baby and my husband to relax away from all of that.

    1. Post author

      such a shame they tell these lies to people its insane & im horrified at this nonsense! so glad u had a natural birth to prove they were liars! we must educate ourselves on what is considered high risk to a baby and what is normal, we have to tell our story so it does not happen to the next lady so thanks so much, congrats on ur baby & be blessed & keep the most high first xx

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